July 2011 - Shoot|Photographers Agent London | Shoot|Photographers Agent London

Otis Batterbee luxury men's accessories - shot by Scott GrummettTravel accessories for men designed by Otis Batterbee and photographed by Scott Grummett.Leather holdalls and wallets - still life photography by Scott Grummett Still life photography by Scott Grummett, luxury goods by Otis Batterbee.

Our food and still life photographer Scott Grummett was commissioned to photograph the new range of products by London based designer Otis Batterbee. The brand produces luxury travel accessories for men, including their recent release the luxury eye mask, with lavender infused velvet cotton.

This collection was inspired by the Isokon building in Hampstead, designed by architect Wells Coates.

“It was with great sadness that I heard the news of Amy’s death. She was such a talent and will be missed not only for her music, but also her unique and wonderful character” – Dean Chalkley.

Just released as a taster online…..this striking image of Melanie C emerging from the sea was captured for the cover of her new album artwork by Shoot photographer Pip. Melanie proved herself a real super trooper on the day as she braved the cold Yorkshire waters balanced on a rock amongst the waves on the windy Whitby coast.

A thrilling evening was had by all last thursday 14th July, at the Bethnal Green Working Mens Club. Many great and good folks gathered for an exclusive premiere screening of Dean Chalkley’s short film – “Young Souls”. You too can now watch the full piece here on the 125 Magazine website along with a Facebook link to images of the cast, crew, DJ’s and friends who gathered to dance and celebrate the evenings events.


This very night the girls and boys at Shoot HQ are slipping on their finest togs and curling their eyelashes in hot anticipation of a night on the tiles (liberally sprinkled with talcum powder of course) in Bethnal Green Working Mens Club. We are celebrating the launch of the Dean Chalkleys new short film “Young Souls”; a beautifully intimate portrayal of the  Northern Soul club scene. All in association with the wonderful kids at 125 Magazine.