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Tim Kent:  The Art of Car Advertising

Whether it’s to sell the ultimate toy or the latest family run-around, the hugely competitive motor industry relies heavily on clever ideas and great imagery to persuade us to part with our cash for the relentlessly evolving motorcar. I have worked extensively on both sides of the Atlantic and across Europe on countless campaigns for a host of manufactures – here are some of my favourite experiences:

Flying Hummer:
Cars by Tim Kent

Hummer tries the not so subtle approach with this, in your face, heroic campaign, unashamedly glorifying this gas-guzzling icon of American 4WD. A fab client to work for as they pretty much let the photographer and agency come up with all the ideas. A lengthy conference call – brainstorming with Modernista Creative Director Tim Vacarino – led directly to the flying Hummer series. The Boston based agency chose me because of a flying Jaguar picture in my portfolio.

The high budget shoot took place at a huge film studio in California, and all effects were realized in camera with the help of amazing special effects technician Bruce Sharfenberg.

The enormous water vapour machine for one of the shots made an amazing sound like something from Jurassic park. The car was up on jacks, the engine ticking over to get the wheels spinning, and what with the cars lamps all on, and shooting in near darkness, except for the intermittent blasts of strobe, the whole set made quite a spectacle. As it was a hot and humid in the studio, and I didn’t want the camera to get fogged up, I asked Will my assistant to open the large access doors to the hallway. Within seconds it seems, word got round the studio complex that the doors to studio 4 were wide open. When I finally had got the captures I needed and called cut, to my surprise an enormous crowd made up of the cast and crew from the set of a feature film in adjacent studio had gathered in the hallway to enjoy our matinee performance.

Nissan X Jenny Jones:

Photographer Tim Kent advertising commissions

What could be more wholesome than getting a top athlete or sports personality to endorse your brand? This summer I traveled to Switzerland with Olympic snowboarder Jenny Jones to create these dynamic alpine yet urban images for Nissan Juke.
The print campaign was the brainchild of Dan Querlioli and Darren Rosenberg, a young creative team at TBWA London, and at first glance of the layouts I knew it was going to be a great campaign.

It took forever to find a location that would let us colour the snow, or indeed find a place that at that time of year would even have any snow. Finally the client settled on Verbier in Switzerland. The shoot came complete with all the usual location photography nightmares: there was barely any snow, it rained day and night for the entire trip, there was no access to the mountain peak due to severe fog, on top of that we were shooting on the back of a TV commercial.
But with perseverance we got what we went for and the results speak for themselves. The Nissan ‘high command’ are apparently delighted with the campaign!

Hyundai Fingers:

Then there are the car ads without a car in the ad. Hyundai fingers – shot as part of the ‘Get Ready For Happy’ campaign for Innocean London. For these ads I shot the backgrounds on location in a south London Mews Street. By chance the street had just hosted an event and had been festooned with bunting, which offered up nice little colour splashes, great for our purpose. I used an 85mm f1.2 lens, shot wide open at f1.2, to give a soft, shallow focus. I then shot the fingers high resolution on the Hasselblad in the studio with strong backlight to match the outdoor sunshine. We used three different ‘hand models’, brilliant prosthetic make up artist Bill Turpin made light work of drawing on the faces – the result was a great set of ads and a very successful campaign for Hyundai. Sometimes the simplest things work the best!

KIA Wraparound people:


This project was tailor made for me, as I like things a bit warped! These ads were the brainchild of Innocean Art Director Dom Sweeney; the ads are all about the vehicle’s inbuilt ‘lateral thinking’ software that believe it or not helps the car go round corners more easily. Dom had the idea of taking scenes from street corners and rolling them flat. We looked at a host of characters one might find on a street corner including policemen, street entertainers, drug dealers etc. before settling for a busker, a prostitute, and an Evening Standard seller. I did most of the production myself, including finding the character models. I shot the back plates at various locations in Soho, and the character models at my studio. The locations were pretty simple to fold out, – simply shoot the corners straight on from each side, and Photoshop together. The people were a bit harder – I lit them with the same soft light we had worked with for the location plates, and got the models to gradually rotate 360 degrees. Justin Shill from the agency did the post and made a good job of something quite tricky.

We picked up ad of the week on several industry websites on both sides of the Atlantic. The only slight snag came from my friend Jane who played the prostitute. She to say the least was not happy with the end result, and quite a lot of careful placating, dinners and chocolates had to be offered up as the pictures swept across the internet!

CGI Car / Real Background – Hyundai spec ads:

Photographer Tim Kent advertising commissions

 I worked with top CGI specialists Recom Farmhouse on this brief from Innocean London. Andy Wyton was the Creative Director on the project, and I was one of two photographers asked to give the Hyundai brand a sexier new ‘look and feel’. It was great to work again with Christoph Bolton and the highly creative team at Recom, as I had previously worked with them on a project for Lexus USA. The car in the image is 100% CGI with the lighting directed by myself and steered in the CGI software – in this case Autodesk Maya – by Christian Turner. The background, including road and water, was shot in camera in London’s docklands and enhanced and retouched by Recom team, including matt painting by Pepe Alram. CGI in general is on the increase and its true there are certain advantages in using CGI. However, most of us purist photographers still like the challenge of doing it for real.

Real Car / CGI Background: Mini WRC:
Photographer Tim Kent advertising commissions

Sometimes CGI can be put to good use in creating effects that would be very hard to capture at high resolution in real life. Here we have an example of an image that would have been quite hard to make in billboard quality resolution and still retain all the creative precision of an oil painting. This set of ads was commissioned by MINI / BMW AG Europe, to mark MINI’s return to the World Rally Championships. The layout for the ad invited the bidding photographers to choose their own approach to the project. Upon winning the pitch I set out to create the image firstly by shooting the two cars in the studio. We spent a day lighting the cars real time as if they were lit by moody daylight, or trackside, nighttime lighting. The skies I already had from my own archive library so it was just a matter of choosing the right image and adjusting it to fit. What really makes the image work and jump off the page is the incredibly detailed environment of mud and dirt and the way the foreground elements harmonise with the cars and sky to create the sense of movement and action. On this project I worked with my own in house team of CGI operators (Darius Makowski) and retouchers (Stuart Fisher).



Opening on 1 March, Søren Solkær Starbird‘s exhibition at DCI will, among others, include portraits of Pete Doherty, David Lynch, Amy Winehouse, Arctic Monkeys, Lily Allen, Franz Ferdinand, The White Stripes, together with established music icons such as PJ Harvey, Bjørk and Sir Paul McCartney.

“Søren’s portraits, ranging from deep and intimate studies to large format cinematic scenes shot in mind-blowing locations, have been featured in the world’s leading magazines for which Søren Solkær Starbird also has worked: Q, GQ, Arena, Rolling Stone and Wallpaper.” DCI

The opening is 1 March 5pm-6pm and Søren Solkær Starbird will be present for an artist’s talk 6pm-7pm. Admission is free, but booking to the artist’s talk is essential.

The exhibition opens 1 March and continues until 26 April. The exhibition is on show at The Danish Cultural Institute, 3 Doune Terrace, Edinburgh – opening hours are Monday to Thursday from 10am to 4pm.

For further information, please contact Mette Fruergaard by email: event@dancult.co.uk or phone: 0131 225 7189.


Taking fashion to dangerous heights, Gavin Watson shot this 10 page editorial piece from top to bottom for the French urban, fashion and culture magazine WAD #51 – the top issue.  On sale now.


Eve Best returns to The Old Vic in March 2012, in John Webster’s great tragedy, The Duchess of Malfi, directed by Jamie Lloyd. Eve Best is photographed by Jay Brooks for the Old Vic.

The Duchess of Malfi will open on 28 March 2012, previewing from 17 March.

It was a big day for Blur…yesterday it was confirmed they will headline an Olympics 2012 show in Hyde Park and then went to the Brits to take home the award for Outstanding Contribution to Music.

It’s not surprising, this week they appear on the cover of NME, photographed by none other than Dean Chalkley – NME winner of Outstanding Contribution to Music Photography.

How Britain fell in love with breakfast…Grace Dent’s breakfast in bed, photographed by Jay Brooks, at the Hazlitt’s hotel, London W1 for Observer Food Monthly breakfast edition – Sunday 19th February, 2012

A man who is usually only seen behind the lens, Pip brings British Cinematographer, Ben Smithard, into focus for 1883 Magazine‘s Film Issue.

Currently the talk of tinseltown with his latest and greatest ‘My Week with Marilyn’….see the full story in Issue 4 out now.

 What is not to love about these exquisite images from Rebecca Miller for Nica Bags.

Colourful, romantic and feminine with lovely textures…we could definitely get carried away and lost in this story forever.

See more from Rebecca’s Nica Bag shoots and fashion photography here 

Now officially launched, we bring you the latest from Dr Martens S/S 2012 collection shot by Gavin Watson.

After its huge success and cult like following, this is Gavin’s second season for Dr Martens #firstandforever campaign with Agyness Dean and Ash Stymest …Watch their beautiful ‘first love’ film and share your first love to win DMs from the new range.

Sseaside, sunshine and sand…please transport us there now!!

Although not out on release until 5 March 2012, here are a selection of images from Simon Fowler‘s shoot with Katie Melua, for the new album, Secret Symphony.

Simply stunning! And we’re pretty sure the album will be too.


In the same week that Jack White released his first solo single (with debut album to follow), Marcus Collins (not one to mess around following his xfactor stardom) has taken on the man himself and released a very catchy cover version of The White Stripes ‘Seven Nation Army.’

Shot by Amit & Naroop, the single cover image, with its lovely tones and textures, is representative of the Marcus Collins modern pop twist.



Adrian Green‘s Retro Future fashion shoot for Sport&Street Magazine S//S 2012 – Issue 62