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Pip photographs folk band Hudson Taylor for Shortlist Magazine


Pip photographs folk band Hudson Taylor for Shortlist Magazine


Following his fantastic work on Savile Row editorial ‘The Sartorialists’ last week, our photographer Pip was all over Shortlist for the second week in a row!

This Wednesday’s issue features Irish folk music duo Hudson Taylor, who were styled by Elilidh Greig at Stella Creative, in the magazine’s ‘Style + Grooming’ section.  There are some exclusive shots too, which can be seen on Pip’s blog.

The brothers, Alfie and Harry Hudson-Taylor, are currently playing festivals all over the country and will release their debut album on a secret date in September!



The Olympics: our legacy or theirs? Photographers and directors Amit & Naroop ask sports hungry youth in Stratford if they believe the London 2012 Olympics will leave a lasting legacy.

 In early July 2012, with the Olympics coming to London, parts of Stratford have been completely transformed. But much of it is still poor and crime rates are high.

With the new gleaming Olympic village and facilities all ready for the games to begin, Amit and Naroop were more interested in how the Olympics would affect the young people who lived around it.

They decided to approach Community Links, an innovative East London charity based in Newham, to speak to youth that were involved in Community Links sports programmes and ask them their thoughts on the Olympics and more importantly whether they felt they would benefit from the facilities once the Olympics finished.

The end result intrigued and inspired.

Recently whilst in Australia for his photographic exhibition, CloserSøren Solkær Starbird was invited to singer Goyte‘s home to photograph him for the show.

Goyte and his team liked the images so much they have since decided to also use them to promote his new album, Making Mirrors. Very fitting.

We love it when all things beautiful come together – including rose wallpaper and yellow maroons.

J’adore, j’daore this image from Rebecca Miller‘s latest fashion shoot. More to be revealed soon.

Elvis lives on. As last week marked the 35th anniversary of his death, this is a celebration of one of the greatest performers ever.

These images are taken from Paul Rider’s personal ‘Dressing Up’ project, part of which found him photographing the most dedicated fans on the planet as they gathered, paid tribute and channeled their inner King at the Porthcawl Elvis Festival in Wales.

See more of the ‘Dressing Up’ project which includes Elvis, Pearlies and The Sealed Knot.

Montage mash up of the amazing faces they were captured by Ray Burmiston at his pop up studio for the opening of Joker Face – currently on exhibit at Edinburgh Festival.

Check out all the photos on our Facebook page.


Photographed by Jay Brooks this was a serious team feat (not of post production) with body painter and stylist fighting against the rain.

The ‘secret footballer‘ of the premier league still remains a mystery but the story behind the shoot for Saturday’s Guardian Weekend cover feature is very real; the model who stepped up to play the part was literally painted into the playing fields of Tufnell Park.

A brilliant result.

Earlier this week we set up and opened Ray Burmiston‘s exhibition- Joker Face- at Edinburgh Festival. The Private View and party was held at the Assembly Club Bar together together with a pop up studio with the photographer in question, Mr Ray Burmiston. It was a fantastic night and the pop up studio was a huge success with everyone wanting a Ray Burmiston special; we’ll be posting all the portraits from the night early next week.

The exhibition is also showcased across two public venues – the Roxy’s Tower and basement Snug Bar – and will run for the duration of the festival.

We are also pleased to announce that print sales from the exhibition are now available for sale here.

Congratulations to Louis Smith who this week led the team that not only won a bronze medal but the  first British men’s gymnastics team medal in a century.

Photographed by Jay Brooks, these intimate portraits of Louis beautifully capture a determined and strong young man in training, which has thankfully paid off. Go team GB!

Looking effortlessly cool, Gavin Watson shoots everyday people for the new fashion label, Common People.

Styled by Lee Holden, the duo unite these ‘Common People’ with one rocking brand in the current Summer edition of Jocks&Nerds.