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le cool


Le Cool, London’s indispensable guide to what’s on and where, has interviewed Gavin Watson ahead of his appearance at Youth Club‘s First Tuesday event at Doomed Gallery in Dalston.  First Tuesdays are a monthly event (naturally) with Youth Club hosting a new talk by a photographer alongside a limited edition of Photocopy Club zine.  Gavin’s talk is subtitled ‘Time has Creative Power’ and is focused on the way the perception of his images has changed over the years as he tells Le Cool’s Josh Jones in this extract from the interview.

‘Hey Gavin, so what have you got planned for your talk at Youth Club – what will you be touching on?

‘Normally I just do it off the cuff because I never expect anyone to fucking turn up! This time I’m going to take it in a certain direction because I usually end up talking about anthropology instead of photography, it tends to get into being a societal talk about the history and movements of people and culture. I’m a bit like, “hold up a minute, I got kicked out of school at 15, what the fuck am I talking about this for?” There’s a photographic story there that very rarely gets told because the power of the images take over from the fact I was really interested in photography and is the great love of my life. I rarely talk about my photographic journey, we end up talking about Skinheads, the history of Skinheads, the history of rave and the culture around that. The reason these photographs exist is because I took them, and I took them because I love photography and knew how to work a camera. I had a moment of clarity the other day that all the Skinhead stuff is my mundane, personal work that I never expected anyone to see. My first real job as a photographer was working for a music paper called Sounds. I spent three or four years photographing all the bands of the mid-80s, from Morrissey to the Pogues, The Proclaimers, Siouxsie and the Banshees – the list goes on. And no one knows that I did it. I forget that I did it! I am a well-rounded photographer – I wasn’t in a bubble of just me and my mates on a Shane Meadows movie set! I was pursuing a career in photography and the Skinheads stuff was just part of the wallpaper of the time, of course two decades later it’s become something totally different. I’ve seen my mundane life become a golden era, it’s become romanticised.’

Read the whole interview here.

Youth Club First Tuesday is at Doomed Gallery on Tuesday 5th April.  Details here.

Its big and beautiful

Gavin Watson is in the 02 edition of the super sized, biannual Upon Paper Magazine, appearing along side the greats: David Bailey, Nick Knight, William Eggleston, Wolfgang Tillmans, Solange Brand & many more.

To get your very own copy  Upon Paper Stockists

Ricky Gervais and Karl Pilkington are returning this November for another rip roaring season of An Idiot Abroad and this time round they are toting the brilliant Warwick Davis.

Ray Burmiston was there to see them off on their travels. Keep your eyes peeled for the digital 6 sheets and billboards up now all over the uk. Click here to see more.

Jay Brooks Photographs Sex Machine and Class Clown Jack Whitehall for the ShortList, see the full story here. Happy Friday Everyone!


Currently showing at Rock City Art Gallery is The Smiths and Morrissey Exhibition. Featuring a couple of images from Shoot photographer, Paul Rider, his illustrious archive never fails to surprise.

The show runs until November 29 and entry is free.

Working with brand agency Beige London and Virgin Media, Ray Burmiston photographs “devout onesie wearer”, Lucy Mecklenburgh.

Unveiling the Virgin Media TiVo onesie, Ray captured these playful images of the TOWIE star as she showed there are many ways to rock the garment from cosy to sexy…we think she wears it well.

Jack and Jones AW12 campaign – currently one of the biggest jeans brands around, Søren Solkær Starbird is the resident campaign photographer for Jack and Jones.

Featuring a rustic and masculine- Andre Van Noord- here are just a few images from the AW12 Vintage collection.

This weekend was all about Jay Brooks as his images graced the covers of both the Guardian Weekend and The Sunday Times- Culture.


First up was Britain’s latest (reluctant) hero, Bradley Wiggins for Saturday’s Guardian Weekend feature, as the Tour de France winner sported a very different look for the camera.


Second up was Jay’s images of starry eyed Sally Hawkins and Rafe Spall, on the cover and inside The Sunday Times – Culture, for their upcoming play – Constellations.

Check out more of Jay Brooks’ amazing portfolio here.