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To fund an exhibition for their Singh Project, Amit & Naroop have taken to crowd funding website Kickstarter:

“The photographic element of the project has been completed and has been featured on many blogs and websites including the highly respected Its Nice That and Creative Review. It also has a great following on Facebook.”

Singh Project Kickstarter campaign

“Through Kickstarter, our aim is to put on a fantastic exhibition that is contemporary and modern in its appearance, yet rooted in tradition and culture in its substance.

The money raised will be used to:
– Print the thirty five images from the project
– Hire out a exhibition space to display the project
– Print high quality booklets
– Hold a private view event to showcase the exhibition

We have always aimed to raise awareness on topics and issues that we feel passionate about through our work. SINGH is a project close to our heart. A marriage of our faith and skill, it represents our identity as British born photographers and our Punjabi, Sikh roots.”

The campaign runs for another 24 days – an amazing opportunity to support groundbreaking work.  Amit & Naroop are offering some great incentives for those who generously donate, which can be seen in detail on the campaign page, here:

Jay Brooks shoots James Corden for the cover of Shortlist MagazineActor James Corden shot by Jay Brooks for Shortlist's Immaturity IssueActor James Corden shot by Jay Brooks for Shortlist's Immaturity Issue354ModeSpread-1 354ModeSpread-2

It was a very Shoot ending to the year for Shortlist Magazine! Our photographers Jay Brooks and Scott Grummett were featured in the last issue for 2014 – the Immaturity Issue!

Jay photographed actor James Corden with a number of very grown up props for the cover and interview, in which he spoke to the magazine about being chosen to host The Late, Late Show after Craig Ferguson retires.

Scott worked with the magazines style team for an urban outdoors accessories shoot – still life in straight line perfection!


Rita Ora and Tom Jones - judges for BBC The Voice 2015. Portraits by Ray Burmiston returns to BBC The Voice's judging panel with Ricky Wilson - portraits by Ray BurmistonBBC The Voice 2015 judges photographed by Ray Burmiston

Ray Burmiston was recently commissioned to shoot promotional images for the BBC The Voice 2015 season!

The show welcomes new judge singer and actress Rita Ora, who announced in September she had signed on to replace Kylie Minogue. Returning to the judges chairs are Kaiser Chiefs frontman Ricky Wilson, Sir Tom Jones and

The BBC launched this trailer for the new season – starring the judges and (strange) special guest!


Scarlet Page music photography: Scarlet shoots Canadian singer Kiesza for Q MagazineCanadian singer Kiesza and Scarlet Page trekked around London for their Q Magazine shoot 'Hideaway' singer Kiesza poses for Scarlet Page

Scarlet’s portraits of Canadian musician Kiesza were in last month’s issue of Q Magazine!

The singer and dancer exploded onto the UK music scene this year with her number one single ‘Hideaway’, which was premiered on Annie Mac’s BBC Radio 1 show. The album, Sound of a Woman, was released in October on indie label Lokal Legend.

Scarlet said, “in a swish new Shepherds Bush hotel shooting a talented lady named Keisza. I love photographing true performers, she can sing, dance and is amazingly photogenic.  We do a whole press sessions worth in 30 minutes.  She is bringing 90′s music back too, awesome!”

The view from Duck & Waffle. Picture by Scott Grummett

This year's best mince pie in Britain - a traditional offering from Fortnum & Mason.

This year’s best mince pie in Britain – a traditional offering from Fortnum & Mason.

Richard Vines searches for the best mince pie in Britain. Food photography by Scott Grummett

The runner up! Peyton & Byrne’s mini pie. And the one Doherty is actually going to buy.

Scott Grummett shoots mince pies for Bloomberg at Duck & Waffle restaurant

Number three: Waitrose All-Butter, the quintessential mince pie.

Food photography by Scott Grummett. Commissioned by Bloomberg for their best mince pie in Britain

Rounding out the top four is another All Butter, from M&S Luxury.

Dan Doherty, executive chef at Duck & Waffle. Portrait by Scott Grummett

Scott Grummett was commissioned by Bloomberg to photograph their food critic Richard Vines’ annual search for the best mince pie in Britain!

Vines had a tasting at restaurant Duck & Waffle, and was this year hosted by executive chef Dan Doherty.  The restaurant is a staggering 40 floors up, making it the highest restaurant in the United Kingdom, and the one with the best views!

You can read Doherty’s opinions on the other blind taste candidates in Richard Vines article.

Tim Kent:  The Art of Car Advertising

Whether it’s to sell the ultimate toy or the latest family run-around, the hugely competitive motor industry relies heavily on clever ideas and great imagery to persuade us to part with our cash for the relentlessly evolving motorcar. I have worked extensively on both sides of the Atlantic and across Europe on countless campaigns for a host of manufactures – here are some of my favourite experiences:

Flying Hummer:
Cars by Tim Kent

Hummer tries the not so subtle approach with this, in your face, heroic campaign, unashamedly glorifying this gas-guzzling icon of American 4WD. A fab client to work for as they pretty much let the photographer and agency come up with all the ideas. A lengthy conference call – brainstorming with Modernista Creative Director Tim Vacarino – led directly to the flying Hummer series. The Boston based agency chose me because of a flying Jaguar picture in my portfolio.

The high budget shoot took place at a huge film studio in California, and all effects were realized in camera with the help of amazing special effects technician Bruce Sharfenberg.

The enormous water vapour machine for one of the shots made an amazing sound like something from Jurassic park. The car was up on jacks, the engine ticking over to get the wheels spinning, and what with the cars lamps all on, and shooting in near darkness, except for the intermittent blasts of strobe, the whole set made quite a spectacle. As it was a hot and humid in the studio, and I didn’t want the camera to get fogged up, I asked Will my assistant to open the large access doors to the hallway. Within seconds it seems, word got round the studio complex that the doors to studio 4 were wide open. When I finally had got the captures I needed and called cut, to my surprise an enormous crowd made up of the cast and crew from the set of a feature film in adjacent studio had gathered in the hallway to enjoy our matinee performance.

Nissan X Jenny Jones:

Photographer Tim Kent advertising commissions

What could be more wholesome than getting a top athlete or sports personality to endorse your brand? This summer I traveled to Switzerland with Olympic snowboarder Jenny Jones to create these dynamic alpine yet urban images for Nissan Juke.
The print campaign was the brainchild of Dan Querlioli and Darren Rosenberg, a young creative team at TBWA London, and at first glance of the layouts I knew it was going to be a great campaign.

It took forever to find a location that would let us colour the snow, or indeed find a place that at that time of year would even have any snow. Finally the client settled on Verbier in Switzerland. The shoot came complete with all the usual location photography nightmares: there was barely any snow, it rained day and night for the entire trip, there was no access to the mountain peak due to severe fog, on top of that we were shooting on the back of a TV commercial.
But with perseverance we got what we went for and the results speak for themselves. The Nissan ‘high command’ are apparently delighted with the campaign!

Hyundai Fingers:

Then there are the car ads without a car in the ad. Hyundai fingers – shot as part of the ‘Get Ready For Happy’ campaign for Innocean London. For these ads I shot the backgrounds on location in a south London Mews Street. By chance the street had just hosted an event and had been festooned with bunting, which offered up nice little colour splashes, great for our purpose. I used an 85mm f1.2 lens, shot wide open at f1.2, to give a soft, shallow focus. I then shot the fingers high resolution on the Hasselblad in the studio with strong backlight to match the outdoor sunshine. We used three different ‘hand models’, brilliant prosthetic make up artist Bill Turpin made light work of drawing on the faces – the result was a great set of ads and a very successful campaign for Hyundai. Sometimes the simplest things work the best!

KIA Wraparound people:


This project was tailor made for me, as I like things a bit warped! These ads were the brainchild of Innocean Art Director Dom Sweeney; the ads are all about the vehicle’s inbuilt ‘lateral thinking’ software that believe it or not helps the car go round corners more easily. Dom had the idea of taking scenes from street corners and rolling them flat. We looked at a host of characters one might find on a street corner including policemen, street entertainers, drug dealers etc. before settling for a busker, a prostitute, and an Evening Standard seller. I did most of the production myself, including finding the character models. I shot the back plates at various locations in Soho, and the character models at my studio. The locations were pretty simple to fold out, – simply shoot the corners straight on from each side, and Photoshop together. The people were a bit harder – I lit them with the same soft light we had worked with for the location plates, and got the models to gradually rotate 360 degrees. Justin Shill from the agency did the post and made a good job of something quite tricky.

We picked up ad of the week on several industry websites on both sides of the Atlantic. The only slight snag came from my friend Jane who played the prostitute. She to say the least was not happy with the end result, and quite a lot of careful placating, dinners and chocolates had to be offered up as the pictures swept across the internet!

CGI Car / Real Background – Hyundai spec ads:

Photographer Tim Kent advertising commissions

 I worked with top CGI specialists Recom Farmhouse on this brief from Innocean London. Andy Wyton was the Creative Director on the project, and I was one of two photographers asked to give the Hyundai brand a sexier new ‘look and feel’. It was great to work again with Christoph Bolton and the highly creative team at Recom, as I had previously worked with them on a project for Lexus USA. The car in the image is 100% CGI with the lighting directed by myself and steered in the CGI software – in this case Autodesk Maya – by Christian Turner. The background, including road and water, was shot in camera in London’s docklands and enhanced and retouched by Recom team, including matt painting by Pepe Alram. CGI in general is on the increase and its true there are certain advantages in using CGI. However, most of us purist photographers still like the challenge of doing it for real.

Real Car / CGI Background: Mini WRC:
Photographer Tim Kent advertising commissions

Sometimes CGI can be put to good use in creating effects that would be very hard to capture at high resolution in real life. Here we have an example of an image that would have been quite hard to make in billboard quality resolution and still retain all the creative precision of an oil painting. This set of ads was commissioned by MINI / BMW AG Europe, to mark MINI’s return to the World Rally Championships. The layout for the ad invited the bidding photographers to choose their own approach to the project. Upon winning the pitch I set out to create the image firstly by shooting the two cars in the studio. We spent a day lighting the cars real time as if they were lit by moody daylight, or trackside, nighttime lighting. The skies I already had from my own archive library so it was just a matter of choosing the right image and adjusting it to fit. What really makes the image work and jump off the page is the incredibly detailed environment of mud and dirt and the way the foreground elements harmonise with the cars and sky to create the sense of movement and action. On this project I worked with my own in house team of CGI operators (Darius Makowski) and retouchers (Stuart Fisher).



McBusted album cover by Ray BurmistonRay Burmiston shoots the artwork for Air Guitar, the first single from the new McBusted album

Ray Burmiston photographed supergroup McBusted for the cover of their Air Guitar single and self titled album, which was released earlier this week.

Ray worked with Island Records and the art direction team at Form to capture the band’s quirky sense of humour in the artwork.  Earlier we posted a shot of the boys mastering a human pyramid, and Ray’s shot of the group clambering around in a PanTower made it to the cover of Metro Scene.McBusted-Metro-Scene-Pantowerv2

The McBusted album, featuring Blink 182’s Mark Hoppus is out now, with the arena tour launching tomorrow!


Pip photographs The Hobbit stars Ian McKellen and Matin Freeman for the cover of Shortlist'Grilling Gandalf' - Martin Freeman interviews Ian McKellen ahead of The Hobbit release, with photos by PipThe Hobbit stars, portraits by PIp

Pip was commissioned by Shortlist Magazine to photograph guest journalist Martin Freeman as he interviewed co-star and friend Sir Ian McKellen. The pair discussed the humble beginnings of Sir Ian’s illustrious career,  and how it feels to come to the end of 15 years as Gandalf.

The Hobbit: The Battle of The Five Armies is set for release in the UK on December 12th.

More of Pip’s portraits, including more of Sir Ian, who he shot for World AIDS Day, can be seen in his galleries on the Shoot website.


Amit & Naroop shoot magician DynamoPortraits of Dynamo by Amit & NaroopAmit & Naroop shoot magician Dynamo for the last season of Magician Impossible

Amit & Naroop took a break from the Singh Project recently to shoot magician Dynamo, creating the promotional images for his last television series, Dynamo: Magician Impossible 4

Earlier this year Dynamo announced his intention to end his television show to focus more on live performances. He spoke to RadioTimes in September, saying; “it feels right to stop now. There have been so many amazing TV shows that I think could have finished a bit earlier and kept the mystique…So as much as I’d love to keep making more episodes and keep it going on forever, I want to leave people wanting more.”

More of Amit & Naroop’s portraits can be seen in their galleries.


Andrew Scott supports National AIDS Trust's World AIDS Day - portrait by Pip Sir Ian McKellen supports National AIDS Trust's World AIDS Day - portrait by Pip

Pip was commissioned by The National AIDS Trust to photograph Sherlock star Andrew Scott and Sir Ian McKellen in support of World AIDS Day.

Both actors wear the symbolic red ribbon – this brooch designed by Lulu Guinness is available for purchase on the NAT website.

A number of photographers have contributed portraits of well known National AIDS Trust supporters to an exhibition that will run in City Hall, near Tower Bridge, until the end of December.