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Poster for Women on the Verge's UK production. Starring Tamsin Greig and Haydn Gwynne, with poster photography by Jay Brooks.Poster for Women on the Verge's UK production. Starring Tamsin Greig and Haydn Gwynne, with poster photography by Jay Brooks.Poster for Women on the Verge's UK production. Starring Tamsin Greig and Haydn Gwynne, with poster photography by Jay Brooks.

Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown has opened at the Playhouse Theatre to rave reviews, as seen in this new edition of the poster, with photography by Jay Brooks!

The musical, starring Tamsin Greig and Haydn Gwynne runs at til May.




South Side Story - a structured reality show that focuses on a group of young South Londoners. Images by Amit & Naroop Portraits by London based photographers Amit & Naroop BBC Three's South Side Story stars photographed by London based Amit & Naroop Portraits by Amit & Naroop South Side Story stars photographed by Amit & Naroop

Amit & Naroop‘s portraits of South Side Story cast have just been released!

Available on BBC Three and BBC Three HD, South Side Story is a ‘structured reality series focusing on the real lives of a group of 18-25 year-old south Londoners, who like to burst into song to express themselves via the UK’s biggest chart hits.’  Or to put it another way Made In Chelsea meets Fame and Fresh Meat.

The cast are a collection of aspiring singers, dancers, models and presenters.

Jay's portraits of actress Celia Imrie for You Magazine.

Celia Imrie, star of The Second Best Marigold Hotel, photographed by Jay Brooks for You Magazine

Jay Brooks photographed actress Celia Imrie for her interview with You Magazine.

Imrie spoke to the magazine about her role as ‘man-eating Madge’ in The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel: “I’m hoping that the buzz surrounding Marigold can create the possibility of a late entry into Hollywood, although the movie could never have been made there, as nobody has wrinkles.”

The cast of the first film are joined in the sequel by another industry titan, Richard Gere.

The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel opens in cinemas next month.

Jamie Dornan, aka Mr Christian Grey, covers this week's Stylist magazine. Photo by portrait and celebrity photographer, Jay Brooks.Looking a little less Fifty Shades in a very cosy sweater - Jamie Dornan, who stars as Christian Grey, by portrait photographer Jay Brooks.Jay Brook's Jamie Dornan portraits from 2014 were used in this week's Stylist Magazine . Fifty Shades of Grey opens in cinemas this Friday.

In 2013 Jay Brooks was commissioned to shoot up and coming British talents for Shortlist’s Brit List. This week, one of those rising stars will become the most recognisable man on the planet, as his hotly anticipated portrayal of Christian Grey hits cinemas.

Stylist’s Fifty Shades of Grey issue featured Jay’s portraits of Jamie Dornan – and we thought we’d share a few more from the shoot here because, well, look at him…

Fifty Shades of Grey opens in cinemas this Friday 13th of February.


When the lovely people at P For Production told David Reviews that they’d added food specialist Scott Grummett to their roster of directors, we decided it was the ideal opportunity to find out more about the skills required to create appetising banquets for the small screen.

So we spoke to him about how he ended up doing what he’s doing and asked him to reveal a few tricks of the trade. We found him to be a charming interlocutor with some fascinating insights – and you can’t ask for more of an interviewee than that.

So tell me a bit about yourself – what’s your background?
I started in stills. I did a degree in Graphic Design specialising in Photography at the Norwich School of Art and Design (now Norwich University of the Arts.)
I then moved down to London in the heart of the recession with no money and no job looking for work as a photographer.

How did that go?
I had a turbulent year in which I ate a lot of spaghetti. I seemed to get more work than most in that year but it wasn’t exactly the ideal time.
Things picked up relatively quickly though, and I started shooting editorially for clients like WIRED Mag.

And did you start working with food as a stills photographer?
I did. I work with food and still life but food become more prominent as still life is falling into the world of CGI. Food is real and there always seems to be new popular movement in it so it’s always busy.

Plus I think it’s what comes more naturally to me – I’m a foodie, I love to eat; so it seemed right.

I guess it’s always going to be less complicated to shoot food for real than trying to create a facsimile on a computer.
It just won’t ever look natural… food is full of mistakes: smears, drips, burnt bits.
If you retouch food you find yourself putting bits back in as the bits that are slightly messy help it. A computer can’t provide that realness.

How much more challenging is it to work with moving pictures?
There’s less rescuing of shots. It has to be right so there is a lot more pre-production, testing and prep. Plus there’s a whole new world of kit to get my teeth into (and – luckily – a lot of people to help me through it.)

On that score… is it important to have a partnership with the food wrangler (can’t think what they’re actually called!!)?
‘Home economist’ or ‘food stylist’ – I’m not sure anyone is sure which anymore!
It is… getting a good home economist makes a massive difference. If you get someone who knows their stuff it really makes the shot.

Do you have preferred partnerships?
My favourite, Nicole Szabason, has sadly just emigrated to Australia. She is exceptional.
I worked with her on a Nandos project recently and the sneaky tricks to get the bar marks all the way across was quite special.

Which food directors do you admire?
Gus Filgate is fantastic, I know him well. He did a project about carers called Pie last year which matched great food and a sentimental edge really well.

Is that move – the one made by Gus towards performance – something that interests you?
I like the idea of a little bit of comedy across something – Jason [Underhill – at P For Production] and I have plans for something along those lines for the future. We are working out the finer details when the hectic schedule permits.
I’m really interested in graphic food, though… that’s my main pursuit – something that is delicious but shot interestingly.
All in all, it’s about making people hungry… if I come out of a meeting and the agency are arguing about where to go for lunch I’ve done my job well.

There’s a massive variation in the way food is shot. It can look terrible in commercials where food is only on screen for a few seconds – it must be annoying to see it done badly.
It depends on the product… a lot of the big household names in this country are processed foods and it’s tricky to make it look tasty when it doesn’t look great to start with.
But – sometimes – if you were to see the product as it arrives and what goes out on air, it can be quite a jump.

Are there limits on what you’re allowed to do to improve the look?
It depends on the food and the territories it’s being used in… some companies and some countries are very strict.
Ideally we try to use the actual food and style it using regular cooking to make it as tasty as possible.
Companies like McDonald’s have sometimes been accused of ‘cheating’ but they are actually more strict than anyone else.

You hear about mashed potato for ice cream – smoke instead of steam… that kind of thing or are those urban myths?
Potato isn’t a big one anymore… it’s always steam for me, but we manufacture it – a tampon in the microwave with some water can work wonders!

Jay Brooks portrait of the Cowdray family for Tatler's February issue. Jay shot the family at Cowdray Park House.

Jay Brooks was commissioned by Tatler to photography Viscount Cowdray and his family, for their ‘Peace, Love and Polo’ interview with David Jenkins.

Jay shot the Lord and Lady Cowdray and their children Eliza, Catrina, Montague, Emily and Peregrine in their estate’s Buck Hall.

Jay was also featured on the contributors page, where he was able to show off one of his more ‘dad’ jokes:

Jay Brooks was a featured contributor to Tatler's February issue. He photographed Lord and Lady Cowdray with their children at Cowdray Park House.

Country pop duo The Shires album, Brave, will be released this February with artwork and press images by Pip. Music, portrait and fashion photographer based In London.

Country pop duo The Shires are set to release their debut album, Brave, at the end of this month with cover photography by Pip!

Pip was commissioned to shoot the pair by Decca Records for their album artwork and press campaign – so there will be more to come! The Shires album was composed with help from country legend Steve McEwan and Swedish writing team Play Production.

The Shires will spend April on a headline UK tour, beginning Sunday 8th in Leeds.

Model and author Aiden Shaw in a fashion story by London based portrait and fashion photographer Pip. Styling by Eric Down. Model and author Aiden Shaw in a luxury fashion story by London based portrait and fashion photographer Pip. Styling by Eric Down. Model and author Aiden Shaw in a winter fashion story by London based portrait and fashion photographer Pip. Styling by Eric Down.

Pip’s latest fashion work stars model, author and supreme silver fox Aiden Shaw, in a winter fashion story styled by Eric Downs and grooming by Larry King.

Shaw began his modelling career in 2011, after being discovered by GQ Magazine while working as an English teacher in Barcelona. Since then he has been the face of brands like Uniqlo, El Burgues, Uniforms for the Dedicated, Oscar Jacobson and Jean Paul Gaultier.