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Jay Brooks was granted access to the studio of one of Britain’s most provocative and celebrated artists – Tracey Emin.

In her space in Spitalfields,  Jay captures a relaxed Emin for You magazine.   Speaking to Liz Jones for You, Tracey opens up about her career and why her “not so palatable” past has shaped her life’s work.TraceyEmin_20128_

Nepal earthquake Liam arthur

Nepal earthquake Liam arthur

Nepal earthquake Liam arthur

Nepal earthquake Liam arthur

Nepal earthquake Liam arthur

Nepal was devastated by a powerful and violent earthquake on 25th April this year.  It was a disaster on an epic scale, nearly 9000 dead, thousands made homeless, towns and villages flattened.  Liam Arthur was among the hundreds of volunteers that flew to the stricken country to give help in the aftermath.  Working for the NGO Shelterbox in the dual roles of aid worker and photographer he helped provide shelter for people whose homes had been destroyed and, in his photographs, recorded their stories and their situation.  The images here are some of the people that he met while distributing aid to one of the worst hit areas east of Katmandu.

Liam is adamant about the importance of the role of the photographer in this situation.  “As a photographer my role is to document the disaster and bring back stories and media that describe the situation and the people affected. There is no brief as such except to provide material that can be used by the organisation to publicise the situation on the ground and the efforts to help. We often have a unique view and access – as the second part of my role is to help facilitate the importation and distribution of aid to the affected communities. Being closely involved with the people affected gives you an element of trust and understanding with them, often allowing you to get under the surface, under an exterior often toughened by the catastrophic events that have claimed so many lives, to the real feelings underneath.

Being sensitive to the people that you are photographing in disaster situations is vital not only for them but also for the medium of photography to be trusted across the world as a method of revealing a peoples need for help without exploiting those that you are trying to help in the first place. Often it is hard to avoid the cliched images that we so often see, but the more that you talk to the affected communities the more you tend to see the strength and resilience of the human condition.  I would hope a little of this strength shows in the portraits of people who have suffered greatly at the hands of the unforgiving mountains that they inhabit.

They are not a community to be pitied but one of courage and strength, to be supported and helped to build back stronger and better. Unfortunately the disaster here has only begun, with the monsoon rain coming followed by a harsh winter in mountains that were prone to landslides before the earthquakes. Images have the power to keep us engaged in a world who’s attention span is ever shortening. It is important that the stories keep getting told. It is important that we see what needs to be done so that we can empathise and support the people that so generously gave us their stories to tell. But most importantly it is important that we do it with integrity.”

Miki Imai

Miki Imai

Miki Imai

Rebecca Miller worked with Japanese singer and actress Miki Imai on the cover of her latest album, Colour, which has just been released in the UK.

The over used and often sacastic phrase ‘big in Japan’ is literally true of Miki, who is a major star in her home country. However, she has recently relocated to London where she made the new record with with a team including Simon Hale, the Grammy nominee and BAFTA winning producer and composer whose credits include Bjork and Sam Smith.






Street Feast, London’s self styled ‘nomadic street food circus’ opens a new venue, Dinerama in Shoreditch, this weekend.

In honour of the event Scott Grummett was commissioned once again to capture the foods, flavours and, this time, the faces of the Street Feast crew at their events in Dalston and Lewisham.  He did this with his usual skill and dedication to everything edible, making all the foods and drinks he shoots look as good as they taste.

Dinerama opens on Friday 12th June at Shoreditch Yard, Great Eastern St, EC2A 3EJ at 5 pm.




Barclays hired Amit and Naroop to shoot their ‘in bank’ print campaign using real bank staff to show the human face (and iPad) of the bank.


The July issue of British GQ is out today and features Pip‘s Ralph Lauren Wimbledon story. Shot on Centre Court at the world famous club itself!

The shoot was styled by GQ’s Grace Gilfeather and the groomer was Anabel McCrory.  The models were Adam Loft Schulz and Jamie Kendrick @ FM London.