July 2015 - Shoot|Photographers Agent London | Shoot|Photographers Agent London


Pip shot Helen McCrory, whose multitude of credits on stage and screen include Harry Potter and the Bond movie Skyfall.  The results appear on the cover of the April edition of Vantage magazine.

See more Pip’s portraits here.


Pip shot this crisp and classical portrait of Emily Berrington for Grazia.  Emily stars in Channel4‘s cult hit series Humans playing Niska, a ‘synth’ or super realistic robot.  The series takes place in a parallel present and as The Independent put it ‘It’s all a bit dystopian and Black Mirror-esque’ as the lines between Humans and robots blur.




Personal work from Scott Grummett‘s recent trip to Italy.  A fully out foodie and Italophile, Scott spent his time, or at least some of it, in Rome capturing these extraordinary images of classic Italian-ness. Perfetto!





Jay Brooks shot the rich and elegant portraits of the cast for the National Theatre‘s production of Three Days in the Country.  The play, based on Turgenev’s A Month in the Country, stars Mark Gatiss and John Sim and is adapted and directed by Patrick Marber, his first theatrical work for eight years.  It is produced in association with Sonia Friedman Productions.







Pip has been hard at work for the last few months and two of his commissions have just been released.  For the jewelers Daisy London, he flew to Bodrum in Turkey to shoot their new Daisy and Chakra collections against the fabulous backdrops of ancient ruins and fishing villages.

For Parlophone Pip went to the more mundane environs of east London but the results are no less dramatic or dazzling.  He was shooting the label’s new signing singer-songwriter Martin Luke Brown whose tune ‘Scars  on Scars’ is out now.









The latest result of the collaboration in Esquire of chef Russell Norman and Scott Grummett is lush and lip smacking pasta dish, bigoli in salsa.  Russell claims the recipe is the perfect stand by in a culinary crisis.

He recounts the tale of a disastrous early attempt at a dinner party saying ‘If only I’d known about this recipe when I was that nervous young man, I could have ruled the world…’

Essential, so here’s the recipe.

Bigoli in salsa
Serves 4

3 or 4 of those little 50g tins of anchovies in olive oil

• 2 large onions, peeled
• Extra virgin olive oil
• 1 glass of white wine
• 400g dried spaghetti
• Large knob butter
• Handful flat parsley, chopped
• Ground black pepper
• Crusty bread to serve


1. Remove the anchovies from the tins. They tend to be stuck together in a clump, so separate them carefully and lay out them on a small plate. Set aside. Also keep the fishy oil from the tins.

2.  Dice the onions very finely. Heat a good glug or two of olive oil in a large, heavy-based frying pan and then reduce the heat. Gently sweat the onions for about 10mins. They should not colour or stick but will take on a glossy, translucent quality and become very soft and mushy.

3. Turn up the pan’s heat a little and add the anchovies. (This is a good time to put a large saucepan of water on a high flame.) Meanwhile, using the back of a wooden spoon, push the melted onions and the anchovies together until they form a rough paste. If the mixture looks too dry, add some or all of the reserved fishy oil from the tins. Keep stirring and mushing the ingredients together. Add the wine and establish a very gentle simmer for 10mins, stirring and reducing slightly.

4. Put the spaghetti into the boiling water and cook according to the packet’s instructions, draining when just al dente. Add the butter to the frying pan, turn off the heat, and stir in the parsley. Put the drained spaghetti and the anchovy sauce into a very large mixing bowl, turn over several times to incorporate fully, and serve out onto four warmed plates. Finish each with a twist of black pepper and some shredded parsley.



Jay Brooks photographed Sir Ben Kingsley for Tatler‘s current issue.  Jay opted for a classical, painterly approach as befits a national treasure and grandee of both stage and screen like Sir Ben. However, he is both humble and self deprecating about his achievements even at this stage in his career saying ‘I still feel like an apprentice.’

A very private man, don’t expect him to take to Instagram any time soon, he is dismissive of social media in general, ‘because I broadcast myself so much as a performer, it’s important for me to get back to the private me. I am seen by a lot of people and that is my contribution. I don’t think my contribution is what I had for breakfast.’

Sir Ben can currently be seen being villainous in the movie Self/Less.


Scarlet Page has launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund the publication of her Resonators project in book form.  Resonators, first seen as an exhibition at the Royal Albert Hall fund raising for Teenage Cancer Trust, is Scarlet’s collection of portraits of legendary guitar players including Noel Gallagher, Paul Weller, Slash, Peter Green and Jimmy Page.

The book is looking fabulous and will feature the Resonators images in beautiful, and rock appropriate, black and white.  It is designed by GQ’s Warren Jackson with words by the award winning novelist Ben Myers.

To find out more about the Kickstarter and the pledges on offer click here.  And here for the Resonators on Facebook.








Ray Burmiston has been working with Discovery Channel and the actor Idris Elba on his new show Idris Elba : No Limits.  The show reveals that Idris, apart from being an acclaimed and accomplished actor is an unashamed petrol-head who often does his own car stunts and harbours a strong desire to enter the world of motor sport.

In each of the four episodes Idris tackles a different life threatening discipline: rally driving, aerobatics, drag racing and a land speed record attempt in a Bentley on a beach.  Throughout the series and in various locations Ray was tasked with recording and capturing moments as Idris took on the various challenges, ‘Armed,’ as Discovery put it,’ with no experience but an abundance of courage, grit and determination.’