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Shoot is very pleased and proud to welcome new lifestyle and portrait photographer Liam Arthur to the team!

Check out an overview of his work now up on the Shoot website.

Welcome Liam!



le cool


Le Cool, London’s indispensable guide to what’s on and where, has interviewed Gavin Watson ahead of his appearance at Youth Club‘s First Tuesday event at Doomed Gallery in Dalston.  First Tuesdays are a monthly event (naturally) with Youth Club hosting a new talk by a photographer alongside a limited edition of Photocopy Club zine.  Gavin’s talk is subtitled ‘Time has Creative Power’ and is focused on the way the perception of his images has changed over the years as he tells Le Cool’s Josh Jones in this extract from the interview.

‘Hey Gavin, so what have you got planned for your talk at Youth Club – what will you be touching on?

‘Normally I just do it off the cuff because I never expect anyone to fucking turn up! This time I’m going to take it in a certain direction because I usually end up talking about anthropology instead of photography, it tends to get into being a societal talk about the history and movements of people and culture. I’m a bit like, “hold up a minute, I got kicked out of school at 15, what the fuck am I talking about this for?” There’s a photographic story there that very rarely gets told because the power of the images take over from the fact I was really interested in photography and is the great love of my life. I rarely talk about my photographic journey, we end up talking about Skinheads, the history of Skinheads, the history of rave and the culture around that. The reason these photographs exist is because I took them, and I took them because I love photography and knew how to work a camera. I had a moment of clarity the other day that all the Skinhead stuff is my mundane, personal work that I never expected anyone to see. My first real job as a photographer was working for a music paper called Sounds. I spent three or four years photographing all the bands of the mid-80s, from Morrissey to the Pogues, The Proclaimers, Siouxsie and the Banshees – the list goes on. And no one knows that I did it. I forget that I did it! I am a well-rounded photographer – I wasn’t in a bubble of just me and my mates on a Shane Meadows movie set! I was pursuing a career in photography and the Skinheads stuff was just part of the wallpaper of the time, of course two decades later it’s become something totally different. I’ve seen my mundane life become a golden era, it’s become romanticised.’

Read the whole interview here.

Youth Club First Tuesday is at Doomed Gallery on Tuesday 5th April.  Details here.


Jay Brooks has photographed Javone Prince for The Suicide, the new production at the National Theatre.

Here’s how the NT describes the show.

The Suicide

Things are getting tough for Sam. No job, benefits stopped and stuck in a tiny flat with his girlfriend Maya and her mum. The pressure is building. It feels like there might be only one way out.

But every ending is a beginning and there are plenty of people keen to capitalise on Sam’s momentous decision. From corrupt local politicians to kids trying to raise the number of views of their online videos, everyone wants a piece of Sam’s demise. It scarcely matters what Sam actually wants. Faced with the promise of immortality, what’s his life worth?

Suhayla El-Bushra takes the satiric masterpiece by Nikolai Erdman and smashes it into urban London. It’s provocative and very funny, bringing live music and fast-paced humour to the Lyttelton.

Javone Prince (E4’s PhoneShop, BBC Two’s The Javone Prince Show, Statement of Regret at the NT) plays Sam.

SG-Esq-Asparagus-and-eggs002 SG-Esq-Asparagus-and-eggs004 SG-Esq-Asparagus-and-eggs006 SG-Esq-Asparagus-and-eggs008

Scott Grummett once more provides the images for this month’s Esquire food column featuring Russell Norman making one of the finest Easter egg breakfasts. It’s simple, hearty and healthy… Asparagus, Poached eggs & Parmesan.

In the column Russell talks about the joys of asparagus, it’s seasonality and why this is the perfect time of year to start eating it, spring has sprung.

Saoirse Ronan and Elizabeth Saltzman by Rebecca Miller for The Hollywood Reporter

Saoirse Ronan by Rebecca Miller for The Hollywood Reporter

Saoirse Ronan and Elizabeth Saltzman by Rebecca Miller for The Hollywood Reporter

Rebecca Miller photographed Saoirse Ronan and her red carpet stylist Elizabeth Saltzman in London for The Hollywood Reporter.  It was part of the magazine’s annual round up of awards season fashion, about who wore what and who styled them and who made it to the THR list of ‘The 25 Most Powerful Stylists in Hollywood.’

Elizabeth was ranked this year at number 4 and has in the past dressed Gwyneth Paltrow and Uma Thuman.  She began working with Saoirse, who at 21 has already been nominated for two Oscars, this year and with great success but only after she had faced the challenge of Saoirse’s Irish name.

Saltzman: “My first time meeting Saoirse, I thought, ‘How am I going to say her name? What am I going to do? I’ll just call her ‘babe.’ ” (It’s pronounced “Ser-sha.”)

Ronan: “I’m glad you didn’t — I remember one time I was working with a photographer, and he kept calling me angel, and it really pissed me off.”

Elizabeth goes on to describe the high pressure process of getting the right dress for the Oscars. “We got a lot of pitches, but Francisco Costa just got it” says London-based Saltzman, a former Vanity Fair editor. Because of Ronan’s New York rehearsal schedule for The Crucible, the stylist conducted the fitting at midnight before the Oscars: “Saoirse put on the emerald, and the room stopped — her mom, her aunt, her hairstylist, Adir. … You felt the oooh,” recalls Saltzman. Adds Ronan of her carpet experience this past year: “Everything has felt like me but kind of pushing me out of my comfort zone.”

Rebecca photographed Elizabeth and Saoirse at The Soho Hotel in London and Saoirse’s dresses are by Tom Ford and Christopher Kane.


House and Garden by Katie Quinn Davies

House and Garden by Katie Quinn Davies

House and Garden commissioned Katie Quinn Davies to shoot Easter recipes in the KQD style for their April 2016 edition.  It all looks fabulous but under pressure we’d probably go for the hay baked lamb with mint and capers.

Photographs and Art Direction: Katie Quinn Davies

Recipes: Caroline Barty

Food Preparation and Styling: Lizzie Kamenetzky

Table Styling: Jo Harris





The first episode of Wolfblood Series 4 aired on 8th March and Ray Burmiston was commissioned by the BBC to shoot the cast of the CBBC fantasy drama.

Supernatural post-production by Mikel at the BBC.


Symone Challenger by Rebecca Miller

Symone Challenger by Rebecca Miller

Symone Challenger by Rebecca Miller

Rebecca Miller‘s latest work from New York with the dramatic (and dramatically named) Symone Challenger.

Here’s the story in keywords: 60’s wig; Beautiful model; Beauty shoot; Beauty test; Colors; Deborah Brinder; Fashion and flowers; Flowers; Friends and Creatives; Mangly Hernandez; Silent Models; Stockland Martel; Symone Challenger; Yoshie Kubota; beauty and flowers; beauty shoot with flowers; beauty styling; bright colors; eyelashes; flower balls; gloves.

Photographer: Rebecca Miller @rebeccamiller99

Stylist: Mengly Hernandez @missmengly

Make up: Yoshie Kubota @yoshiekubota

Hair: Deborah Brider @deborahbrider

Symone is represented by Silent Models in New York.








At the start of February, Scott Grummett was once again invited back to shoot for the Bowling come Karaoke come Diner come all round party venue that is All Star Lanes.

He shot some of their most handsome dishes, sharers, milkshakes and cocktails for their new website (coming soon) and social media channels. Along with Exec Chef Ashley Clarke they aimed to create some tantalising visuals of heart stopping gluttonous feasts.

Liam Arthur photographed young athletes for the Aldi and Team GB Olympic sponsorship campaign.

Team GB

Team GB

Team GB

Team GB

Team GB

Team GB

Team GB








Rebecca Miller has shot Daisy Lowe for the new campaign for Triumph lingerie.

Daisy has just been unveiled as the face (and body) of Triumph and models their new range for Spring/Summer 2016.