October 2016 - Shoot|Photographers Agent London | Shoot|Photographers Agent London


Pip shot Helen McCrory, whose multitude of credits on stage and screen include Harry Potter and the Bond movie Skyfall.  The results appear on the cover of the April edition of Vantage magazine.

See more Pip’s portraits here.

Jay Brooks has shot ‘A Kind of Love Story’,  brilliantly evocative ‘backstage’ pictures for chef Tom Sellers‘ book about the story behind his restaurant Story.




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Tom Sellers has quickly risen through the ranks to become a luminary of the British culinary scene.

Story opened its doors in April 2013; its innovative literary-inspired menu, taking diners on ‘a personal journey through food’, has won him huge critical and public acclaim. Story was awarded its first Michelin star just five months after opening.

Jay found the assignment challenging and exciting, “Initially stripping it down to just a hand held camera, a small flash gun and a laptop was quite daunting. No big lighting set ups, no glam squad, no studio… nowhere to hide!  And once service began the kitchen erupted into action. It seemed like madness at first but somehow I soon seemed to settle into the chaotic rhythm of it all. The food they served was so delicate and so perfect it seemed hard to believe it was produced by this whirling mass of tattoos and shouting.  It actually reminded me a lot of my rave days shooting on dancefloors, move fast, keep your elbows in and go with the flow!”

‘A Kind of Love Story’ has just been published by Orion and is, as they say, in the shops now.

Ray Burmiston has been hard at work shooting these very fine images of this year’s crop of X Factor hopefuls for Simon Cowell’s Syco TV, the show’s producers.


rb-xfactorblog-005 rb-xfactorblog-004

Pictured here in ‘no particular order’ but starting at the top left are Honey G, Bradley and Ottavio, 5 AM, Matt, Gifty and Emily who all hope to be warbling their way to stardom in the coming weeks.

Honey G is the ‘star’ of the show.  She has caused controversy since landing a place on the live finals mainly because no one can believe she is really is a rapper from the mean streets of ‘North Weezy’, or Harrow as it is more generally known, and is actually serious.

And now X Factor fans have claimed the show is a ‘fix’ after it was revealed that Honey G has been lined up for a personal appearance in Scotland, the same night as the Saturday night stalwart’s finale.

The opinion dividing rapper has been ‘confirmed’ to appear at a Kirkcaldy nightclub, Kitty’s & Kandy, on December 10th – the exact night the final four contestants will perform for the judges.

But apparently it’s ok because the club have only got her on a pencil, so if she’s still in the competition they will rearrange.  Good to see the good folk of Kirkcaldy being so forward looking and that Honey G’s post X Factor career is getting off to a flying start.

The National Theatre hired Jay Brooks to shoot these powerful black and white portraits of the key cast members of The Red Barn, the new play by David Hare.  Based on the novel, La Main, by Georges Simenon, the play is a tense psychological thriller set in a farmhouse in a frozen New England and the cast features Mark Strong (A View from the Bridge) and Hope Davis (God of Carnage) and Elizabeth Debicki who starred with Tom Hiddleston in ‘The Night Manager’.





When Robbie Williams shot the video for his new single, Scarlet Page, who regularly plays the fly on the wall in Williams’ world, was commissioned to record the event, the outfits, the extras and everything.  The video, directed by Robbie’s long time collaborator Vaughn Arnell, he did ‘Angels’ amongst other things, is an opulent extravaganza going under the title of ‘Party Like a Russian’.


The song has proved controversial. It has already upset quite a lot of Russians who feel that the clip stereotypes them as evil oligarchs, while other people have accused it of being sexist.  Robbie, on the other hand, as you see in the pictures, seems to have enjoyed the whole thing a lot.



The Cronut lands in London.  Dominque Ansel, baker extraordinaire and the inventor of the Cronut, a delicious cross of croissant and doughnut, opened his London bakery last week and Scott Grummett was there to record the event. Dominique already has New York and Tokyo sites, and such is his fame among the cake cognoscente that hundreds queued, some from as early as five am, for the opening.

Cronut Cronut Cronut Cronut Cronut Cronut Cronut Cronut Cronut Cronut Cronut Cronut Cronut

London highlights (see above) include the Banoffee Paella, “After The Rain” Mousse Cake (with flavours of pear, ginger, and jasmine, jasmine “raindrops” gelée and praliné feuilletine base), Salted Honey Tart, Eton Mess Lunchbox, and the Welsh Rarebit Croissant.