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About Shoot

SHOOT is a photographic agency and production company based in London representing a roster of extraordinary and talented photographers and image makers.

SHOOT PRODUCTION also offers full independent production services throughout the UK and around the World.

Among SHOOT’s clients are –


About Us

ADELE RIDER – Director / Agent / Producer

SH-crew-adele-006Born to organise but with a wicked sense of humour, she brings her experience, drive and enthusiasm to every part of the business.

Adele worked in publishing (she was managing director of Time Out books), fashion and retailing but she’s been representing photographers for almost twenty years.

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  Esther is the Shoot financial brain but does so much more than just looking after the accounts.  With 20 years experience in finance, customer services and operations in a variety of fields including education, fashion and property, she joined the world of photography lending her organisational eye for detail to the team here.

Anyone who can run a house with three kids can cope with anything we throw her way.

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