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The Cronut lands in London.  Dominque Ansel, baker extraordinaire and the inventor of the Cronut, a delicious cross of croissant and doughnut, opened his London bakery last week and Scott Grummett was there to record the event. Dominique already has New York and Tokyo sites, and such is his fame among the cake cognoscente that hundreds queued, some from as early as five am, for the opening.

Cronut Cronut Cronut Cronut Cronut Cronut Cronut Cronut Cronut Cronut Cronut Cronut Cronut

London highlights (see above) include the Banoffee Paella, “After The Rain” Mousse Cake (with flavours of pear, ginger, and jasmine, jasmine “raindrops” gelée and praliné feuilletine base), Salted Honey Tart, Eton Mess Lunchbox, and the Welsh Rarebit Croissant.

The Cronut lands in London.  Dominque Ansel, baker extraordinaire and the inventor of the Cronut, a delicious cross of croissant and doughnut, opened his London bakery last week and Scott Grummett was there to record the event. Dominique already has New York and Tokyo sites, and such is his fame among the cake cognoscente that hundreds queued, some from as early as five am, for the opening.

Cronut Cronut Cronut Cronut Cronut Cronut Cronut Cronut Cronut Cronut Cronut Cronut Cronut

London highlights (see above) include the Banoffee Paella, “After The Rain” Mousse Cake (with flavours of pear, ginger, and jasmine, jasmine “raindrops” gelée and praliné feuilletine base), Salted Honey Tart, Eton Mess Lunchbox, and the Welsh Rarebit Croissant.

As something of a lover of the Burger in all its forms, Scott Grummett was excited to be invited to shoot some Byron Burgers. Along with their beef regulars they are also now offering some chicken specials too including the Clucky Balboa (see below) to take on their bovine counterparts. And there are of course, some incredible over the top and magnificently messy milkshakes to boot.

sg-byronblog1 sg-byronblog2 sg-byronblog3

The bakers Warburtons asked Scott Grummett to photograph some mega-sandwiches for the launch of their new improved Warburtons Thins range.


Scott has had to wait a while for the campaign to take off.  “As far back as January I was invited by Mr Jonathan Warburton to give his Thins and Thins bagels a fresh, tasty and appetising approach in a series of adverts and instore images. We wanted to stay true to the product but inspire mild levels of gluttony and a real sense of hunger.

What are you having for lunch?”

Disclaimer: this post may induce hunger

Lurpak invited Scott Grummett to shoot their latest campaign focusing on the simplicity and naturalness of butter.SG-LURPAK-blog3SG-LURPAK-blog1SG-LURPAK-blog4SG-LURPAK-blog2

But what can you say about butter?  It’s lovely on fresh bread, it’s the making of toast and without it jacket potatoes are not edible are three things you can say.  Another thing is, as the Lurpak campaign says, that it never has more than three ingredients and they are all natural.

Earlier in the summer Scott Grummett was commissioned by The Times in association with Marks and Spencer for their Eat Well campaign.

eat welleat welleat welleat well

‘The plan for the Eat Well campaign,’ according to Scott, ‘was to shoot some lovely bloggers cooking using M&S pre prepared ingredients. Some shoots can provide a real challenge, balancing a film crew with stills for one. But the biggest was shooting a bbq during a tropical monsoon (of sorts) and keeping the whole thing bright, vibrant and sunny in it’s appearance. Keep an eye out in The Times for more images coming soon.’

Imbibe, the beverage bible and ultimate drinks magazine, asked Scott Grummett again to shoot some more cocktails for them.ImbibeImbibeImbibeImbibe

“This time around it was Cocktails at Home, a feature written by the lovely Laura Foster focusing on one spirit at a time to use whilst entertaining guests in your own house. This time around it was all about whisky or as the Americans may know it SCOTCH.”

SG-Esq-Asparagus-and-eggs002 SG-Esq-Asparagus-and-eggs004 SG-Esq-Asparagus-and-eggs006 SG-Esq-Asparagus-and-eggs008

Scott Grummett once more provides the images for this month’s Esquire food column featuring Russell Norman making one of the finest Easter egg breakfasts. It’s simple, hearty and healthy… Asparagus, Poached eggs & Parmesan.

In the column Russell talks about the joys of asparagus, it’s seasonality and why this is the perfect time of year to start eating it, spring has sprung.








At the start of February, Scott Grummett was once again invited back to shoot for the Bowling come Karaoke come Diner come all round party venue that is All Star Lanes.

He shot some of their most handsome dishes, sharers, milkshakes and cocktails for their new website (coming soon) and social media channels. Along with Exec Chef Ashley Clarke they aimed to create some tantalising visuals of heart stopping gluttonous feasts.




Last week Scott was asked by the team at Ubisoft to shoot some press images for their upcoming release Far Cry Primal. As the game is all about surviving in the stone age they have worked with stonemason, Nick Robertson, to make the items you would find in a real gamers Man Cave: A PS4, Controllers, Coffee Table, FlatScreen Tv, Pizza Box, Beer Cans – You get the idea.




At the end of 2015 Scott Grummett was invited by Grey Goose vodka to shoot some brand new cocktails created for the BAFTA awards. The stars enjoyed this cocktail collection created by Grey Goose Master Mixologist Joe McCanta.

Try them at home, you can find the recipes here.







Scott Grummett was commissioned in 2015 by Lurpak to create a series of images based around the tagline ‘A Taste of…’ as in A Taste of Mexico, A Taste of Israel and so on.

‘We were presented with a list of national dishes to create with recipes using Lurpak’ Scott said, ‘and then to shoot them looking tasty.’  Mission accomplished!  Including the finest picture of a churro we have ever seen.

Food Styling by Elaine Ngan, assisted by Sam A Harris.


# TakeOnChristmas is the Lurpak motto this year. They are looking to inspire the nation to up the stakes and make Christmas dinner like it’s never been made it before.  Scott Gurmmett was commissioned to shoot some uplifting recipes styled and written by the charming & talented Rosie Scott.  Mince pies, turkey – lots of firm festive favourites. Go to the Lurpak website to see how you can take Christmas to the next level.


Tesco commissioned Scott Grummett to shoot the still images for their Tesco Dinner Tonight campaign.

The idea is to help people create delicious, inspiring but quick meals with recipes on You Tube from famous foodies, in this case bloggers The Crumb Sisters and the Dumpling Sisters.  You can check out the recipes including pork stir fry with leeks and the ultra toothsome mushroom and garlic polenta here.


‘It’s a lucky sixpence and no mistake, guv’nor!’ The Royal Mint is encouraging people across the UK to get involved in the age-old custom of putting a lucky sixpence into a homemade Christmas pudding, with a free collectible coin this season.

A One Poll survey into Christmas traditions found that whilst just over half (55%) of Brits are planning to serve a Christmas pudding on 25 December 2015, of which 15% will be homemade, and only 37% will contain a lucky Christmas sixpence.

Hoping to make 2016 the luckiest year yet, They’re giving away 2,015 complimentary Christmas sixpence coins alongside a specially commissioned Christmas Pudding recipe – you can read all about it here .

Scott was lucky enough to be commissioned by the Royal Mint to shoot their Christmas Pudding recipe and lucky sixpence to accompany the campaign and the recipe by the lovely Rachel Walker of The Food I Eat.





For this All Hallows Eve Scott Grummett has posted ideas for suitable seasonal fayre on his blog.  Though as a man of sophistication and taste he’s avoided all things dark and ghoulish, vampire burgers and anything drizzled with fake blood.

Instead he’s gone with a Mexican twist – Halloween, or as it is called in Spanish El Dia de Muertos, is big in Mexico – and come up with a frankly fantastic jalapeno margharita.

He also has a recipe for a delicious roast pumpkin dish that solves the perennial problem of what to do with the inside of the pumpkin when you have made the outside into a lamp.


Scott Grummett shot Belvedere Vodka‘s resident mixologist, the eminent Liam Cotter, for Shortlist Magazines’s Bond Issue.  Liam has at Shortlist’s request invented a new take on James Bond’s classic tipple, the dry Martini.  The shoot took place in the appropriately paneled surroundings of Hawksmoor in Spitalfields.


60ml Belvedere Unfiltered, 10ml dry Dolin Vermouth, A dash of peach bitters, a dash of Ardbeg, Green Olive.

The Method

Combine the ingredients and shake, don’t stir.

Scott’s verdict: A great crisp martini with a wonderful whiff of smoke from the Ardbeg. A proper man martini, drink enough and you will think you’re James Bond, Just don’t take the Aston home.





Personal work from Scott Grummett‘s recent trip to Italy.  A fully out foodie and Italophile, Scott spent his time, or at least some of it, in Rome capturing these extraordinary images of classic Italian-ness. Perfetto!




Russell Norman prepares a fabulous looking risotto for his new monthly food column for Esquire with pictures shot by Scott Grummett.

Russell Norman, the man behind the growing Polpo empire, joins Esquire as their new columnist ‘The Reluctant Cook’, creating quick and easy to prepare meals for the modern man.

“When the editor-in-chief of the world’s leading men’s style magazine asks you to write a food column, you don’t say no. I couldn’t be happier (or more enthusiastic) to be the Reluctant Cook for Esquire.”









Street Feast’s Model Market returns to Lewisham and these shots from Scott Grummett show just what’s in store.

The Indoor/Outdoor Night Market is back for a second summer of street food, drinking, dancing and unrivaled vibes.

Last year the team behind Street Feast transformed an abandoned 1950s market in Lewisham into south east London’s summer weekend capital of vibes. Street Feast Model Market is now back with a stellar line-up of superb street food, brilliant bars, a purely vinyl soundtrack and wonderful crowd. Plus, new this year: a suntrap, rooftop bar and terrace (aka the ‘Lewisham High Line’).

Street Feast Model Market will be running every Friday and Saturday from 5pm to 1am until 02/03 October.




Scott Grummett was commissioned to shoot the new season Afternoon Tea at uber cool London restaurant Sketch, a destination place for food and art situated over two floors of a converted 18th century building in Mayfair.

Conceived by French master chef Pierre Gagnaire and restaurateur Mourad “Momo” Mazouz the food at Sketch promises to be imaginative, bold and delicious…. the selection of caviar and quail egg sandwiches, macaroons and pastries served on satirical ceramics designed by British artist David Shrigley get the thumbs up from the Shoot team!

Check out the full Sketch menus here


When the lovely people at P For Production told David Reviews that they’d added food specialist Scott Grummett to their roster of directors, we decided it was the ideal opportunity to find out more about the skills required to create appetising banquets for the small screen.

So we spoke to him about how he ended up doing what he’s doing and asked him to reveal a few tricks of the trade. We found him to be a charming interlocutor with some fascinating insights – and you can’t ask for more of an interviewee than that.

So tell me a bit about yourself – what’s your background?
I started in stills. I did a degree in Graphic Design specialising in Photography at the Norwich School of Art and Design (now Norwich University of the Arts.)
I then moved down to London in the heart of the recession with no money and no job looking for work as a photographer.

How did that go?
I had a turbulent year in which I ate a lot of spaghetti. I seemed to get more work than most in that year but it wasn’t exactly the ideal time.
Things picked up relatively quickly though, and I started shooting editorially for clients like WIRED Mag.

And did you start working with food as a stills photographer?
I did. I work with food and still life but food become more prominent as still life is falling into the world of CGI. Food is real and there always seems to be new popular movement in it so it’s always busy.

Plus I think it’s what comes more naturally to me – I’m a foodie, I love to eat; so it seemed right.

I guess it’s always going to be less complicated to shoot food for real than trying to create a facsimile on a computer.
It just won’t ever look natural… food is full of mistakes: smears, drips, burnt bits.
If you retouch food you find yourself putting bits back in as the bits that are slightly messy help it. A computer can’t provide that realness.

How much more challenging is it to work with moving pictures?
There’s less rescuing of shots. It has to be right so there is a lot more pre-production, testing and prep. Plus there’s a whole new world of kit to get my teeth into (and – luckily – a lot of people to help me through it.)

On that score… is it important to have a partnership with the food wrangler (can’t think what they’re actually called!!)?
‘Home economist’ or ‘food stylist’ – I’m not sure anyone is sure which anymore!
It is… getting a good home economist makes a massive difference. If you get someone who knows their stuff it really makes the shot.

Do you have preferred partnerships?
My favourite, Nicole Szabason, has sadly just emigrated to Australia. She is exceptional.
I worked with her on a Nandos project recently and the sneaky tricks to get the bar marks all the way across was quite special.

Which food directors do you admire?
Gus Filgate is fantastic, I know him well. He did a project about carers called Pie last year which matched great food and a sentimental edge really well.

Is that move – the one made by Gus towards performance – something that interests you?
I like the idea of a little bit of comedy across something – Jason [Underhill – at P For Production] and I have plans for something along those lines for the future. We are working out the finer details when the hectic schedule permits.
I’m really interested in graphic food, though… that’s my main pursuit – something that is delicious but shot interestingly.
All in all, it’s about making people hungry… if I come out of a meeting and the agency are arguing about where to go for lunch I’ve done my job well.

There’s a massive variation in the way food is shot. It can look terrible in commercials where food is only on screen for a few seconds – it must be annoying to see it done badly.
It depends on the product… a lot of the big household names in this country are processed foods and it’s tricky to make it look tasty when it doesn’t look great to start with.
But – sometimes – if you were to see the product as it arrives and what goes out on air, it can be quite a jump.

Are there limits on what you’re allowed to do to improve the look?
It depends on the food and the territories it’s being used in… some companies and some countries are very strict.
Ideally we try to use the actual food and style it using regular cooking to make it as tasty as possible.
Companies like McDonald’s have sometimes been accused of ‘cheating’ but they are actually more strict than anyone else.

You hear about mashed potato for ice cream – smoke instead of steam… that kind of thing or are those urban myths?
Potato isn’t a big one anymore… it’s always steam for me, but we manufacture it – a tampon in the microwave with some water can work wonders!

The Honest Beans - breakfast at Honest Burgers Clapham, food photography by Scott Grummett. The Full English Breakfast by Honest Burgers. Available at their new Clapham restaurant. Food photography by Scott Grummett

Honest Burger and Scott Grummett are back with the restaurant’s new breakfast offerings – the Full English Breakfast (pictured here is the very romantic ‘lets share a plate’ option) and the Honest Beans on Guinness Eggy bread.

Honest’s new location on Clapham’s Venn Street (see Scott’s images of the new location here) launched the dishes last weekend, and will be serving them, alongside the delicious breakfast burgers, on weekends only.

COMING SOON: Honest Burgers celebrate Australia Day with a new special…

Otis Batterbee luxury men's accessories - shot by Scott GrummettTravel accessories for men designed by Otis Batterbee and photographed by Scott Grummett.Leather holdalls and wallets - still life photography by Scott Grummett Still life photography by Scott Grummett, luxury goods by Otis Batterbee.

Our food and still life photographer Scott Grummett was commissioned to photograph the new range of products by London based designer Otis Batterbee. The brand produces luxury travel accessories for men, including their recent release the luxury eye mask, with lavender infused velvet cotton.

This collection was inspired by the Isokon building in Hampstead, designed by architect Wells Coates.

Jay Brooks shoots James Corden for the cover of Shortlist MagazineActor James Corden shot by Jay Brooks for Shortlist's Immaturity IssueActor James Corden shot by Jay Brooks for Shortlist's Immaturity Issue354ModeSpread-1 354ModeSpread-2

It was a very Shoot ending to the year for Shortlist Magazine! Our photographers Jay Brooks and Scott Grummett were featured in the last issue for 2014 – the Immaturity Issue!

Jay photographed actor James Corden with a number of very grown up props for the cover and interview, in which he spoke to the magazine about being chosen to host The Late, Late Show after Craig Ferguson retires.

Scott worked with the magazines style team for an urban outdoors accessories shoot – still life in straight line perfection!


The view from Duck & Waffle. Picture by Scott Grummett

This year's best mince pie in Britain - a traditional offering from Fortnum & Mason.

This year’s best mince pie in Britain – a traditional offering from Fortnum & Mason.

Richard Vines searches for the best mince pie in Britain. Food photography by Scott Grummett

The runner up! Peyton & Byrne’s mini pie. And the one Doherty is actually going to buy.

Scott Grummett shoots mince pies for Bloomberg at Duck & Waffle restaurant

Number three: Waitrose All-Butter, the quintessential mince pie.

Food photography by Scott Grummett. Commissioned by Bloomberg for their best mince pie in Britain

Rounding out the top four is another All Butter, from M&S Luxury.

Dan Doherty, executive chef at Duck & Waffle. Portrait by Scott Grummett

Scott Grummett was commissioned by Bloomberg to photograph their food critic Richard Vines’ annual search for the best mince pie in Britain!

Vines had a tasting at restaurant Duck & Waffle, and was this year hosted by executive chef Dan Doherty.  The restaurant is a staggering 40 floors up, making it the highest restaurant in the United Kingdom, and the one with the best views!

You can read Doherty’s opinions on the other blind taste candidates in Richard Vines article.

Food photographer Scott Grummett photographers Honest Burgers breakfast menuFood photographer Scott Grummett photographers Honest Burgers breakfast menu

Food and still life photographer Scott Grummett was commissioned to photograph the heroes of the new Honest Burgers breakfast menu – the Honest Muffin, Breakfast Bun and Rosti Muffin.

Honest also celebrated the opening of their new restaurant on Liverpool Street by giving away 100 free burgers everyday this week – all gone in a matter of minutes!

Below are Scott’s images of the stark tiled face and cosy interiors of the new Liverpool Street restaurant.

If you haven’t read Scott’s discussion on food and restaurant photography, you can find it on our blog. In it he discusses the method behind what he does for clients just like Honest.

Restaurant photography by Scott Grummett - Honest Burgers new restaurant on Liverpool StreetThe Liverpool Street restaurant opened with the new Honest Burgers breakfast menuScott Grummett photographs interiors of the new Honest Burgers on Liverpool StreetScott Grummett photographs interiors of the new Honest Burgers on Liverpool Street

Scott Grummett's chocolate truffles

Raspberries and melted chocolate, shot by food photographer Scott Grummett

Chocolate souffle shot by food and still life photographer Scott Grummett

Our food photographer, Scott Grummett, recently worked with home economist extraordinaire Natalie Thomson to create this lavish photo story, featuring beautifully formed chocolate desserts.
Natalie trained at Leith’s School of Food and Wine, and recently worked on The Great British Bake Off.

This test is a great example of the way Scott works in studio, lighting and composing photos to make the most of tiny details. For more on Scott’s methods, check out this blog post.

Unfortunately none of the  made it into the Shoot office!

Scott Grummett shoots cookbook

Cookbook photography by Scott Grummett

Lifestyle photography by Scott Grummett

Still life and food photographer Scott Grummett

Food photography for Silver Island cookbook

Still Life by Scott Grummett

Coookbook images by Scott Grummett

Scott Grummett recently spent a week at the idyllic Silver Island in Greece, a private island which runs a retreat for guests, teaching yoga and promoting relaxation.

At the insistence of many visitors, Silver Island are publishing a cook book of the vegetarian recipes served at the retreat, accompanied by Scott’s stunning images of food and life on the island.

Scott travelled to the island with his assistant Jack Fillery.

Scott Grummett's Man Food for Esquire Weekly Scott Grummett's Man Food for Esquire Weekly Scott Grummett's Man Food for Esquire Weekly

Shoot newbie Scott Grummett recently shot the cover and feature story for Esquire Weekly’s ‘Man Food’ issue.

This week’s issue is a Man Food Special, featuring the manliest restaurants in Britain, go-to recipes that will make you a hero in the kitchen, ten foods every man should try at least one from alpaca to zebra… and much more.

These images were taken at The Dairy Bar & Bistro in Clapham (and we hear it’s the best pork you’ll ever find).

Food by Scott Grummett

Shoot is ecstatic to announce the new addition to our team; food and still life photographer, Scott Grummett!

Here is a selection of Scott’s recent commissions including All Star LanesTown Hall HotelHonest Burger,
Men’s Health and Wired Magazine.
More of Scott’s work can be seen in his new galleries on our website.

Scott Grummett food commissionsStill lifeFood by Scott Grummett