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Tesco commissioned Scott Grummett to shoot the still images for their Tesco Dinner Tonight campaign.

The idea is to help people create delicious, inspiring but quick meals with recipes on You Tube from famous foodies, in this case bloggers The Crumb Sisters and the Dumpling Sisters.  You can check out the recipes including pork stir fry with leeks and the ultra toothsome mushroom and garlic polenta here.


Tesco commissioned Scott Grummett to shoot the still images for their Tesco Dinner Tonight campaign.

The idea is to help people create delicious, inspiring but quick meals with recipes on You Tube from famous foodies, in this case bloggers The Crumb Sisters and the Dumpling Sisters.  You can check out the recipes including pork stir fry with leeks and the ultra toothsome mushroom and garlic polenta here.






‘I love Christmas,’ said Katie, ‘ so I was utterly delighted to be involved in the Sainsburys Christmas campaign.

Katie and her crew embraced the challenge of creating festive cheer on an industrial scale in July in a studio in Shoreditch with energy and determination, cooking, styling and shooting scores of dishes.  They produced an amazing set of images that put a twist on the more traditional shots of Christmas fayre – all about food that has been enjoyed!

‘I was blessed to have a great team of people to work with,’ Katie added,’ my old friend David Morgan and my assistant Lou, who came over from Sydney for the first part of the shoot, and then Jo Harris and Julia Azzarello who took over for part two.’

See more of the Sainsburys Christmas campaign and Kate’s other work here.


‘It’s a lucky sixpence and no mistake, guv’nor!’ The Royal Mint is encouraging people across the UK to get involved in the age-old custom of putting a lucky sixpence into a homemade Christmas pudding, with a free collectible coin this season.

A One Poll survey into Christmas traditions found that whilst just over half (55%) of Brits are planning to serve a Christmas pudding on 25 December 2015, of which 15% will be homemade, and only 37% will contain a lucky Christmas sixpence.

Hoping to make 2016 the luckiest year yet, They’re giving away 2,015 complimentary Christmas sixpence coins alongside a specially commissioned Christmas Pudding recipe – you can read all about it here .

Scott was lucky enough to be commissioned by the Royal Mint to shoot their Christmas Pudding recipe and lucky sixpence to accompany the campaign and the recipe by the lovely Rachel Walker of The Food I Eat.







We are delighted to announce that Katie Quinn Davies, the award winning photographer, author and food blogger, has joined Shoot.

Originally from Dublin, Katie has been living in Australia for the last few years working as a photographer specialising in food, travel and lifestyle.  Her acclaimed food blog ‘What Katie Ate’, for which she develops, cooks, styles and shoots every recipe, is hugely successful with over 250,000 followers worldwide.  In 2012 the first ‘What Katie Ate’ cookbook was published and became an immediate bestseller around the world.  And in 2013 Katie won the prestigious John Beard Awards for best photography and best general cookbook and published a follow up ‘What Katie Ate At The Weekend’.

As you can see her pictures are beautiful, with a rich textured style that has won her a lot of followers and plenty of clients including a major British supermarket that hired her to shoot their 2015 Christmas food campaign.  But more of that later..

See more of Katie’s work on the Shoot website here.






For this All Hallows Eve Scott Grummett has posted ideas for suitable seasonal fayre on his blog.  Though as a man of sophistication and taste he’s avoided all things dark and ghoulish, vampire burgers and anything drizzled with fake blood.

Instead he’s gone with a Mexican twist – Halloween, or as it is called in Spanish El Dia de Muertos, is big in Mexico – and come up with a frankly fantastic jalapeno margharita.

He also has a recipe for a delicious roast pumpkin dish that solves the perennial problem of what to do with the inside of the pumpkin when you have made the outside into a lamp.




Nigella – one of those rare beings who are so famous they only need one name – teamed up once more with Jay Brooks to shoot a feature on ‘her life through food’  for The Guardian Weekend.

Subtitled ‘I eat, therefore I am’, the feature is timed to coincide with the launch of Ms Lawson’s new book ‘Simply Nigella: Feel Good Food’.  It, the feature not the book, charts the development of Nigella’s tastes from the discovery of the avocado in the 1970’s to the rediscovery of the pomegranate in the present.  Nigella, the food and the feature in general all look fabulous but the star of the show has to be the 1980’s beige leather jacket!  See above.

Stylist (clothes and props): Mika Handley.

Home economists: Anna Jones and Emily Ezekiel.

Stylist (food props): Wei Tang.

Hair and makeup: Tricia Woolston using Sisley Skincare, Charlotte Tilbury and Redken. Assistant: Nadia Atinbas




Scott Grummett collaborated once again with the incredible Mr Matt Whiley, legendary mixologist , otherwise known as The Talented Mr Fox, who has recently opened a new bar to run alongside The Town Hall Hotel’s Peg + Patriot.  Showdown opened on the 5th of August below Marylebone’s The Lockhart restaurant.

Matt has created cocktails to complement the Lockhart’s Brad McDonalds’s Southern American food menu such as the toasted marshmallow infused fizzy Pina Colada. Honestly it tastes like Alcoholic Disneyland.  The ones in the pictures are, clockwise from top left

— yellow door: 1235 vanilla donut, finlandia, absinthe, benedictine, vanilla bitters, egg yolk

— campside colada: bacardi, bbq pineapple, lime, toasted coconut, house marshmallow soda

— bottle aged sazerac: rye whiskey, sugar,  bitters, absinthe

exotic cocktails

exotic cocktails


exotic cocktails

Scott Grummett‘s latest piece for Esquire’s Style section features ‘four far-flung exotic cocktails for adventurous barflies, each discovered by a master British mixologist.’

The cocktails all contain at least one unusual and esoteric key ingredient: soju from South Korea, baijiu from China, aquavit from Norway and arrack from Sri Lanka.

If you’re thirsty and desperate to find out more, go to Scott’s blog where you can find the recipes





Personal work from Scott Grummett‘s recent trip to Italy.  A fully out foodie and Italophile, Scott spent his time, or at least some of it, in Rome capturing these extraordinary images of classic Italian-ness. Perfetto!


The latest result of the collaboration in Esquire of chef Russell Norman and Scott Grummett is lush and lip smacking pasta dish, bigoli in salsa.  Russell claims the recipe is the perfect stand by in a culinary crisis.

He recounts the tale of a disastrous early attempt at a dinner party saying ‘If only I’d known about this recipe when I was that nervous young man, I could have ruled the world…’

Essential, so here’s the recipe.

Bigoli in salsa
Serves 4

3 or 4 of those little 50g tins of anchovies in olive oil

• 2 large onions, peeled
• Extra virgin olive oil
• 1 glass of white wine
• 400g dried spaghetti
• Large knob butter
• Handful flat parsley, chopped
• Ground black pepper
• Crusty bread to serve


1. Remove the anchovies from the tins. They tend to be stuck together in a clump, so separate them carefully and lay out them on a small plate. Set aside. Also keep the fishy oil from the tins.

2.  Dice the onions very finely. Heat a good glug or two of olive oil in a large, heavy-based frying pan and then reduce the heat. Gently sweat the onions for about 10mins. They should not colour or stick but will take on a glossy, translucent quality and become very soft and mushy.

3. Turn up the pan’s heat a little and add the anchovies. (This is a good time to put a large saucepan of water on a high flame.) Meanwhile, using the back of a wooden spoon, push the melted onions and the anchovies together until they form a rough paste. If the mixture looks too dry, add some or all of the reserved fishy oil from the tins. Keep stirring and mushing the ingredients together. Add the wine and establish a very gentle simmer for 10mins, stirring and reducing slightly.

4. Put the spaghetti into the boiling water and cook according to the packet’s instructions, draining when just al dente. Add the butter to the frying pan, turn off the heat, and stir in the parsley. Put the drained spaghetti and the anchovy sauce into a very large mixing bowl, turn over several times to incorporate fully, and serve out onto four warmed plates. Finish each with a twist of black pepper and some shredded parsley.






Street Feast, London’s self styled ‘nomadic street food circus’ opens a new venue, Dinerama in Shoreditch, this weekend.

In honour of the event Scott Grummett was commissioned once again to capture the foods, flavours and, this time, the faces of the Street Feast crew at their events in Dalston and Lewisham.  He did this with his usual skill and dedication to everything edible, making all the foods and drinks he shoots look as good as they taste.

Dinerama opens on Friday 12th June at Shoreditch Yard, Great Eastern St, EC2A 3EJ at 5 pm.




Russell Norman prepares a fabulous looking risotto for his new monthly food column for Esquire with pictures shot by Scott Grummett.

Russell Norman, the man behind the growing Polpo empire, joins Esquire as their new columnist ‘The Reluctant Cook’, creating quick and easy to prepare meals for the modern man.

“When the editor-in-chief of the world’s leading men’s style magazine asks you to write a food column, you don’t say no. I couldn’t be happier (or more enthusiastic) to be the Reluctant Cook for Esquire.”









Street Feast’s Model Market returns to Lewisham and these shots from Scott Grummett show just what’s in store.

The Indoor/Outdoor Night Market is back for a second summer of street food, drinking, dancing and unrivaled vibes.

Last year the team behind Street Feast transformed an abandoned 1950s market in Lewisham into south east London’s summer weekend capital of vibes. Street Feast Model Market is now back with a stellar line-up of superb street food, brilliant bars, a purely vinyl soundtrack and wonderful crowd. Plus, new this year: a suntrap, rooftop bar and terrace (aka the ‘Lewisham High Line’).

Street Feast Model Market will be running every Friday and Saturday from 5pm to 1am until 02/03 October.