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Jay Brooks created the images for the poster and the press campaign for Zoonation’s madcap hip hop production of The Mad Hatter’s Tea Party opening soon at The Roundhouse.




The show, a co-production between the Royal Ballet and The Roundhouse, will open at the end of December and run for most of January 2017.

Set in a ‘mental health facility’, Zoonation’s hip hop version puts a twist on Lewis Carroll’s classic tale of Alice and her adventures in their own exuberant and yet accessible style.  Originally staged at The Royal Opera House in 2014, it was written and is directed by Zoonation’s founder and director Kate Prince with music by DJ Walde and Josh Cohen.

ZooNation creates irresistible narrative hip hop dance theatre. The company has won nationwide acclaim with its hugely popular shows, including Into the Hoods and Some Like It Hip Hop. Playfully drawing on everything from Shakespeare to Sondheim, Artistic Director Kate Prince and her company present brilliantly exuberant dance adventures overflowing with energy and wit.


Jay Brooks created the images for the poster and the press campaign for Zoonation’s madcap hip hop production of The Mad Hatter’s Tea Party opening soon at The Roundhouse.




The show, a co-production between the Royal Ballet and The Roundhouse, will open at the end of December and run for most of January 2017.

Set in a ‘mental health facility’, Zoonation’s hip hop version puts a twist on Lewis Carroll’s classic tale of Alice and her adventures in their own exuberant and yet accessible style.  Originally staged at The Royal Opera House in 2014, it was written and is directed by Zoonation’s founder and director Kate Prince with music by DJ Walde and Josh Cohen.

ZooNation creates irresistible narrative hip hop dance theatre. The company has won nationwide acclaim with its hugely popular shows, including Into the Hoods and Some Like It Hip Hop. Playfully drawing on everything from Shakespeare to Sondheim, Artistic Director Kate Prince and her company present brilliantly exuberant dance adventures overflowing with energy and wit.


Rebecca Miller met up with The Lemon Twigs, aka Brian and Michael D’Addario, in Brooklyn for a shoot for Noisey.

rm-lemontwigsblog-001 rm-lemontwigsblog-006 rm-lemontwigsblog-007

The Lemon Twigs first album ‘Do Hollywood’ is exploding with precocious talent and already counts Alice Cooper and Elton John amongst its fans.  Their musical knowledge and sophistication belies the fact that they are still in their teens, as Noisey puts it “They’re a meticulous team, creating a beautifully baroque psych mélange of The Beatles and The Beach Boys.  Do Hollywood, is a feast of prog-pop curves, demented fairground refrains, and unexpected time signatures. They excel at lushly harmonised codas—jaunty one minute, forlorn the next—and neatly applied patinas of strings and brass. It’s an ambitious maximalist kind of pop.”

“When the D’Addario brothers talk about their childhood, it seems half their recollections are not memories but rather flashbacks of seeing themselves in home videos. There’s footage of the boys watching Yellow Submarine, the Dave Clarke Five movie, and The Monkees TV show. In one clip Michael sits in front of a keyboard trying to play “Strawberry Fields” (“I just didn’t have the capacity at five years old”). They’d obsessively watch the exhaustive doc The Beatles Anthology. “We know all eight parts and every aspect of their story,” declares Brian. “There’s nothing anyone could tell us about The Beatles that we wouldn’t know.”

“Along with being encyclopedic Beatles nerds, the pair have each mastered bass, keys, guitar, and drums, although onstage they switch off between the latter two instruments, each taking their turn to sing lead. “It’s weird to me that people couldn’t sing or do harmonies because we’ve been doing that since we were really little—our mom and dad taught us to do that,” offers Brian. “There’s a video of us putting our fingers in our ears, gathered around an unplugged mic, doing simple harmonies.”

Ray Burmiston has been hard at work shooting these very fine images of this year’s crop of X Factor hopefuls for Simon Cowell’s Syco TV, the show’s producers.


rb-xfactorblog-005 rb-xfactorblog-004

Pictured here in ‘no particular order’ but starting at the top left are Honey G, Bradley and Ottavio, 5 AM, Matt, Gifty and Emily who all hope to be warbling their way to stardom in the coming weeks.

Honey G is the ‘star’ of the show.  She has caused controversy since landing a place on the live finals mainly because no one can believe she is really is a rapper from the mean streets of ‘North Weezy’, or Harrow as it is more generally known, and is actually serious.

And now X Factor fans have claimed the show is a ‘fix’ after it was revealed that Honey G has been lined up for a personal appearance in Scotland, the same night as the Saturday night stalwart’s finale.

The opinion dividing rapper has been ‘confirmed’ to appear at a Kirkcaldy nightclub, Kitty’s & Kandy, on December 10th – the exact night the final four contestants will perform for the judges.

But apparently it’s ok because the club have only got her on a pencil, so if she’s still in the competition they will rearrange.  Good to see the good folk of Kirkcaldy being so forward looking and that Honey G’s post X Factor career is getting off to a flying start.

When Robbie Williams shot the video for his new single, Scarlet Page, who regularly plays the fly on the wall in Williams’ world, was commissioned to record the event, the outfits, the extras and everything.  The video, directed by Robbie’s long time collaborator Vaughn Arnell, he did ‘Angels’ amongst other things, is an opulent extravaganza going under the title of ‘Party Like a Russian’.


The song has proved controversial. It has already upset quite a lot of Russians who feel that the clip stereotypes them as evil oligarchs, while other people have accused it of being sexist.  Robbie, on the other hand, as you see in the pictures, seems to have enjoyed the whole thing a lot.



Signalling the official start to Autumn, Strictly Come Dancing 2016 is back on our screens next week, starting Friday 23rd September! Prepare yourself for cozy nights in front of the TV with these dazzling images of the contestants and judges, shot by Jay Brooks. And remember, keeeeep dancing!

Resized Strictly 2016 Group_V3

Resized Strictly 2016 Judges Group_V1

Resized NAGA_Strictly_Singles_Shot_71329_V2 copy

Resized MELVIN_Strictly_Singles_Shot_40695_V2

Resized WILL_Strictly_Singles_Shot_13_2587_V1 copy

Resized DAISY_Strictly_Singles_Shot_14_2784_V2 copy




Pip continued his fruitful creative relationship with award winning country duo The Shires travelling with them to Spain to shoot images for their forthcoming second album ‘My Universe’.

Shires Shires


The Shires, Ben Earle and Crissie Rhodes, are English, formed after Ben posted ‘there must be a country singer out there’ on Facebook and Crissie responded.  They have the distinction of being the first British act to be signed by Universal Music Group Nashville, the bastion of country music in the US.  They are now the most successful country act the UK has ever had – by a country mile. Their first album ‘Brave’ sold well around the world and they also gathered a shelf full of awards.

This is Pip’s second album shoot with The Shires, he shot the cover of the ‘Brave’ album in a London studio.  This time they shot on locations in and around Madrid harnessing the atmosphere and warm dusty light of the Spanish summer.  Art direction was by the very great Rob O’Connor at Stylorouge who will be overseeing the design of the project. The album, called ‘My Universe’, will be out in October.



Pip has shot the ‘cover art’ for ‘Perspective’ the new album from the band Lawson, out on 8th July on Polydor Records.  The shoot also provided the images for the two singles ‘Money and ‘Where My Love Goes’ that have come from the album.  This is Pip’s second outing with the band, he shot the cover for ‘Chapman Square’ their previous release.

See more of Pip’s music work here.




Rebecca Miller photographed Natalie and Elliot Bergman, the duo at the heart of American rockers Wild Belle, for The Untitled Magazine.  They were celebrating the release of their second album for Columbia, ‘Dreamland’.  Brother and sister, they are definite about the importance of their relationship to the music. ‘Nothing gets between blood. We’re unbreakable. We have a bond that you can’t fuck up.’ said Natalie.

Here’s some of what The Untitled Magazine said about the band.  ‘Growing up in a musical household in Chicago, a city known for its Bluesy roots, it was only natural for siblings Natalie and Elliot Bergman to form a band together. Known as Wild Belle, the duo’s signature style combines Elliot’s penchant for reggae rhythms and tropical sounds with Natalie’s raw vocals and rockstar swagger. Both musicians play instruments and collaborate on songwriting but it was Natalie’s life that provided the basis for their second full-length album, Dreamland. Reeling from the end of a romantic relationship, she packed up her bags and drove across country, settling in Venice, California. There she penned most of the album which proves to be a slightly darker follow-up to the band’s catchy debut, Isles.’

Styling: Tiffany Briseno @ Wilhelmina Artists
Hair by Deborah Brider using Shu Uemura Art of Hair
Make up by Tadayoshi Honda
Shot on location at The Carlton Hotel and The Millesime restaurant, NYC


Congratulations to Scarlet Page‘s old mates and long term clients The Lumineers on topping the album charts on both sides of the Atlantic.  Their second album ‘Cleopatra’ has knocked Kanye West from the number one spot on the US Billboard 200, while in Britain they have out sold Adele in the last week.

The band, who come from Denver Colorado, are touring at the moment and play London’s Brixton Academy on 24th April.


The Voice

The Voice is back for its fifth series.  To fire up audience anticipation, this week the BBC released this set of spectacular images from the lens of Ray Burmiston.  They feature this year’s cast of coaches: the ever present, the returning Kaiser Chief Ricky Wilson and two new recruits, the never under-dressed Paloma Faith and shy retiring Boy George.  Meet The Voice coaches on iPlayer here.

The photos set the tone – by staging a Mad Hatter’s Tea Party – for the series which promises some exciting and intriguing ‘inter-personal dynamics’ between the occupants of the revolving chairs but with less emphasis on being Welsh than in previous seasons.

The Voice

The Voice

The Voice

The Voice

The Voice


If you click here you can see a completely all round 360° tour of The Voice photoshoot as it happened!  We especially like the orgasmic cry of ‘ yes, yes, yes’ from Ray at the end.

The Voice starts ‘its journey’ on BBC 1 at 7.30 on Saturday 9th January.



Strictly-The Winners

And the winners are….Jay and Aliona!

After 13 weeks of glam, glitter, tears and trauma Strictly Come Dancing 2015 has drawn to a climatic close with Jay McGuiness and his partner Aliona Vilani pronounced the winners!

Congratulations to them!   And to Ray Burmiston for his dazzling portraits of not just the winners but all the contestants.

Fab – u – lous daaarling!


It’s 60 years this week since ‘Rock Around the Clock’ by Bill Haley and The Comets hit number one in ‘the hit parade’ and teds invented teenage rebellion!  And as Jay Brooks reveals in this personal project they are still at it – though noticeably less teenage.

When teds rioted at the Trocadero Cinema in Elephant and Castle, fired up by the rock and roll soundtrack of the movie ‘Blackboard Jungle’, they sent middle England into the first of many moral panics and blazed the trail for the mods, rockers, skins and punks that followed them.

The teds – or teddy boys to give them their full title – in Jay’s pictures are a little more mature and stop short of riot but only just.  As you can see they still enjoy what teds have always enjoyed sharp suits, beer, rock and roll and the odd fag.

See more of Jay’s teds on his website here



Pip shot the legendary Bryan Ferry for his record label BMG.  It’s over 40 years since his career began with Roxy Music and he’s a still contender for the world’s suavist man, looking as sharp as ever.

Mr Ferry is taking to the road with tour dates in spring 2016 and a special edition of his latest album Avonmore is out now.


ResonatorsScarlet Page‘s project to create a portrait gallery of the world’s greatest rock guitarists – is about to be launched.  The fruits of a two year project, Resonators features Brian May, Paul Weller, Jeff Beck, Graham Coxon, Jimmy Page and many more, all presented in high quality black and white

The book, beautifully designed by former GQ art director Warren Jackson, goes on sale on 1st December and this week, on 26th November, the Resonators exhibition opens at Proud’s Camden gallery.

Scarlet has been hard at work promoting the launch and there has been plenty of press interest in the project.  She even made it on to the famous red sofa for an interview on BBC Breakfast this morning.  See below






Ray Burmiston shot national treasure and national choirmaster, Gareth Malone, for Sunday’s Event magazine.

The idea of the shoot was clearly to cast off Gareth’s twinkly choirboy image and to release his inner Ziggy Stardust.  To this end he was pictured in one of Camden Town’s sweatier rock venues and the cover of the magazine promises revelations of what he gets up to on tour. Apparently he drinks white wine and wears a onesie!

But the ever dapper Gareth really cuts it.  He looks super sharp in the pictures and the Les Paul really suits him.  We especially like the houndstooth check suit!

Gareth Malone’s current TV series The Naked Choir, a competition to find Britain’s best amateur acapella singers, is on Tuesday nights on BBC2




Rebecca Miller was reunited with Jack Savoretti, the anglo-italian (born in London, grew up in Italy)  singer songwriter, for a shoot for his record label BMG Chrysalis.

Jack is touring at the moment promoting ‘Written In Scars’, his impressive new album and his first to be released by a major label, with whom he signed earlier this year. “A lot of the songs were written with Sam Dixon, who is Adele’s musical director and Sia’s main co-writer”, says Savoretti. “I also wrote with Matt Benbrook who has worked with Paolo Nutini, Jake Bugg and Faithless and finally, of course, with my guitarist Pedro Vito and Seb Sternberg (Pedro’s production partner). I drew inspiration from them all.

“The heartbeat of the album is rhythm. It’s all about groove, drums and bass. The sound was key – it came before the songs or the subject matter. I completely changed the way I’d previously written, abandoning structure for a looser, loopier, almost circular approach.“

What Savoretti didn’t spot until ‘Written In Scars’ was underway was the influence of music from his family past. “Most of my musical influences come from my parents,” says Savoretti, “My mum was into The Eagles, Crosby Stills & Nash and Motown. My dad played mostly Italian music from the ‘60s and ‘70s. In the past I suppressed that as an influence but, for the first time, on these songs, it appeared.’

What Savoretti calls the Euroclash of his past emerges in the album’s rich, warm textures and brooding atmospherics, as well as in the Spanish-style guitar that opens both the title track, a rousing revolution anthem, and future single ‘Home’. It’s there in the melancholy piano and soulful phrasing of ‘Back To Me’ and in the darkness that envelops ‘The Hunger’, a song through which bass beats like a pulse.


Strictly Come Dancing – yes there’s more – sets off on its incredible ‘journey’ this Friday with a new cast of sequined and lycra-ed contestants.  See above captured by Ray Burmiston in all their hyper coloured glory.

Shoot’s money, for what it’s worth, is on Ainsley Harriot!


Strictly Come Dancing is back!  And Ray Burmiston reprised his role as Darcey Bussell’s favourite photographer (it’s true she tweeted) and shot the new images of the judges and contestants for the 2015 season.  This is the first of the new crop to be seen, the judges, Darcey with Len Goodman, Craig Revel Horwood, and Bruno Tonioli, but expect more, many more, soon.

Strictly starts on 25th September on BBC One.




Scarlet Page shot the pictures for Q magazine’s feature on the Stereophonics to tie in with the release of the band’s new album ‘Keep the Village Alive’ later this month.

Scarlet has history with the Stereophonics and has worked with them many times over the last 15 years.  Amongst other things she created the image for the cover of their second album ‘Performance and Cocktails’ and recently photographed the band’s frontman Kelly Jones for inclusion in her ‘Resonators’ – guitar legends – project.

The pictures and the interview by eminent journalist and Scot Tom Doyle are to be found in the October issue of Q which is out now.


If you haven’t been already, you still have two weeks to get down to One Nation Under A Groove, Youth Club Archive‘s multimedia celebration of everything sub-cultural at the Southbank Centre.

The photographic exhibition features 120 images from the PYMCA Archive which chart the twists and turns of style and youth culture over the last half century, with work from 50 photographers including Shoot’s Gavin Watson who provided the poster image above.

There’s also a screening room showing Dazed Digital‘s acclaimed Music Nation series and documentaries from independent film makers, like Will Robson-Scott and Nick Cunard, as well as a host of other cool things to do.

One Nation Under A Groove is open every day at SE1 8XX, The Festival Village under the Queen Elizabeth Hall.  So get on down!


Scarlet Page‘s crowdfunding campaign to finance the publication of her book ‘Resonators’, portraits of the greatest guitar players of the age, finished on 7th August and we are pleased to announce it was a resounding success.

By the deadline 214 backers had pledged over £26,000, £10,000 more than the original target.  So huge thanks and congratulations to everyone involved and we look forward to arrival of the book later in the year.

You can follow the progress and development of the project on the Resonators Facebook page and we will be blogging and tweeting further updates as the launch date approaches.  Follow Scarlet on Twitter here.






Pip has been hard at work for the last few months and two of his commissions have just been released.  For the jewelers Daisy London, he flew to Bodrum in Turkey to shoot their new Daisy and Chakra collections against the fabulous backdrops of ancient ruins and fishing villages.

For Parlophone Pip went to the more mundane environs of east London but the results are no less dramatic or dazzling.  He was shooting the label’s new signing singer-songwriter Martin Luke Brown whose tune ‘Scars  on Scars’ is out now.









Scarlet Page has launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund the publication of her Resonators project in book form.  Resonators, first seen as an exhibition at the Royal Albert Hall fund raising for Teenage Cancer Trust, is Scarlet’s collection of portraits of legendary guitar players including Noel Gallagher, Paul Weller, Slash, Peter Green and Jimmy Page.

The book is looking fabulous and will feature the Resonators images in beautiful, and rock appropriate, black and white.  It is designed by GQ’s Warren Jackson with words by the award winning novelist Ben Myers.

To find out more about the Kickstarter and the pledges on offer click here.  And here for the Resonators on Facebook.

Miki Imai

Miki Imai

Miki Imai

Rebecca Miller worked with Japanese singer and actress Miki Imai on the cover of her latest album, Colour, which has just been released in the UK.

The over used and often sacastic phrase ‘big in Japan’ is literally true of Miki, who is a major star in her home country. However, she has recently relocated to London where she made the new record with with a team including Simon Hale, the Grammy nominee and BAFTA winning producer and composer whose credits include Bjork and Sam Smith.


During her recent visit to LA,  of which more later, Rebecca Miller, as you do in LA, spent some of her time hanging out with Rita Ora.






Scarlet Page was invited to join Robbie Williams ‘Let Me Entertain You’ tour to shoot the show and the man they call ‘the Robster’ backstage.

As you can see the show was the usual ‘low-key’ Williams affair – an all out, laser-lit, no-holds barred stadium extravaganza with all the elements you’d expect plus an appearance by Robbie’s dad Pete Conway!  (see above)

Scarlet has worked with Robbie a lot in the past, amongst other things she worked on the book ‘Somebody Someday’,  so this was something of a reunion.  As you can see in the pictures they seem to have been entertained.



The final of  The Voice UK  took place on Saturday and the winner’s single came out on Monday so each of the finalists had a single cover ready to go all shot by our Ray Burmiston.  Chosen by the public, the finalists were Stevie McCrorie, Lucy O’Byrne, Emmanuel Nwamadi and Sahsa Simon.

Three judges Tom Jones, Ricky Wilson and all had contestants in the final but not Rita Ora who was left ‘shame faced and devastated,’ that her first year on the panel ended without one of her acts in the grand finale.

The chosen track ‘Lost Stars’, was originally performed by The Voice US coach, Adam Levin, and the track was recently nominated for Best Original Song at the 2015 OSCARs where it was performed by the Maroon 5 front man to an American audience of over 36 million people. Proceeds from the single will go towards the BBC’s Performing Arts Fund, a BBC charity created to support and encourage the performing arts sector across the UK.

Stevie McCrorie walked away the winner and his shot by Ray was used on the cover of the winning single!

Visit The Voice UK official YouTube channel:





Derby Ambassadors announced.

The ambassadors for the 2015 Investec Derby at Epsom Downs Racecourse have been announced: Frankie Dettori, Laura Whitmore, Millie Mackintosh, Denise Lewis and Michel Roux Jr. The chosen figures champion sport, food and fashion, a combination that makes the world famous Derby Festival a distinguished event in the British social and sporting calendar.

As Michel Roux Jr said: “A day at the Derby isn’t just about racing, it’s about food, wine, fashion and a great atmosphere.”

The Ladies’ Day on Friday 5th June combines high style with the world of horse racing. Elegant and fashionable attendees compete to take the title of ‘Best Dressed Lady’ and the coverage is seen world wide, followed by the race on the 6th June with the champion taking winnings of 1.25 million.

More information about the 2015 Epsom Derby can be found here

Chrissie Hynde

Scarlet Page adds a new female guitar hero to her Resonators project – punk rock royalty Chrissie Hynde, guitarist and lead singer of 80’s rock band The Pretenders.

Hynde moved from the US to the UK at the start of the punk era, and founded The Pretenders in 1978. Members have come and gone but she remained the front woman throughout the band’s history, a phenomenal personality, songwriter and musician.

The Sex PistolsJohn Lydon described her as “a tough old bird” and Morrissey writes in his Autobiography that she is “the funniest person I have ever met.”

And here at Shoot we think Hynde is a superb addition to the Resonators project – a visual celebration of the musicians that created the sound we call rock. Previous portraits of the rock elite include:  Brian May, Slash, Paul Weller, Sir Paul McCartney and guitarists from bands like: The Stone Roses, Sex Pistols , Oasis, and The Eagles.

Scarlet has been longing for a female subject to add to the project and with Hynde’s rock history and musical talent she fits the bill perfectly…some added rock chick for Resonators!

Chrissie’s portrait can be found on the Shoot website along with all Resonators prints (print sales in aid of teenage cancer trust.)​

Jessie J photographed by Rebecca Miller Billboard Magazine features Jessie J by Rebecca Miller

Rebecca Miller recently shot these glamorous portraits of Brit Award winner Jessie J, just minutes before she took to the stage for a performance in London.

Jessie, who got her break with the 2010 single ‘Do It Like A Dude’, began her career as a songwriter for Sony/ATV Music Publishing, writing hits for artists like Chris Brown and Miley Cyrus. Her credits include Cyrus’ ‘Party In The USA’.

Rebecca’s images were featured in Billboard Magazine, who interviewed the singer days before the release of her third studio album, Sweet Talker.