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Tesco commissioned Scott Grummett to shoot the still images for their Tesco Dinner Tonight campaign.

The idea is to help people create delicious, inspiring but quick meals with recipes on You Tube from famous foodies, in this case bloggers The Crumb Sisters and the Dumpling Sisters.  You can check out the recipes including pork stir fry with leeks and the ultra toothsome mushroom and garlic polenta here.


Tesco commissioned Scott Grummett to shoot the still images for their Tesco Dinner Tonight campaign.

The idea is to help people create delicious, inspiring but quick meals with recipes on You Tube from famous foodies, in this case bloggers The Crumb Sisters and the Dumpling Sisters.  You can check out the recipes including pork stir fry with leeks and the ultra toothsome mushroom and garlic polenta here.





Liam Arthur shot World Championship and Olympic medal winning diver Tom Daley for the Anti-Bullying campaign sponsored by Cartoon Network.  Tom, along with Tinie Tempah and Dizzee Rascal, is one of the faces of the campaign that encourages kids to ‘be a buddy, not a bully.’

Cartoon Network’s Anti-Bullying initiative has been nominated for a Bafta Childrens Award.



The painful but hilarious Peep Show returns to Channel4 for its ninth and final series this week, and to mark the fact Jay Brooks was asked to shoot its stars, Robert Webb and David Mitchell, for Shortlist magazine.

The idea for the feature was for the two actors to pick their favourite and funniest moments from the Peep Show archives but as soon as they slipped back into their roles as Croydon’s oddest couple they had a row.  Of course they did!

Anyway here are a few classic Peep Show moments

1.“Fancy dress? It’s like a joke for people with no sense of humour” (Mark, Series 7, episode 6).

2. “I suppose doing things you hate is the price you pay to avoid loneliness.” (Mark, Series 3, episode 2).

3. “A new boiler. Surely the least enjoyable way to spend £1,000. At least throwing the money out of the window you’d see the scrabbling mass, the hate-filled faces.” (Mark, Series 6, episode 2).

4. “If text kisses were real kisses then the world would be an orgy!” (Mark, Series 6, episode 6).

5. “Why do the people who want to talk about things always win?” (Jeremy, Series 3, episode 4).

6. “No, not the Hootenanny. Never the Hootenanny.” (Jeremy, Series 7 episode 6).

7. “[Politicians] should be more honest. You know, if they were more honest, then maybe people would vote and not switch straight over when the news comes on.” (Jeremy, Series 1, episode 4).

8. “Let’s face it, we’re all falling apart piece by piece. Doesn’t matter if you’re single or in a couple. You. Are. Going. To. Die.” (Mark, Series 1, episode 3).

9. “Socks before or after trousers, but never socks before pants, that’s the rule. Makes a man look scary, like a chicken.” (Mark, Series 1, episode 2).


10. “People like Coldplay and voted for the Nazis. You can’t trust people” (Super Hans, Series 3, episode 2).





Ray Burmiston shot national treasure and national choirmaster, Gareth Malone, for Sunday’s Event magazine.

The idea of the shoot was clearly to cast off Gareth’s twinkly choirboy image and to release his inner Ziggy Stardust.  To this end he was pictured in one of Camden Town’s sweatier rock venues and the cover of the magazine promises revelations of what he gets up to on tour. Apparently he drinks white wine and wears a onesie!

But the ever dapper Gareth really cuts it.  He looks super sharp in the pictures and the Les Paul really suits him.  We especially like the houndstooth check suit!

Gareth Malone’s current TV series The Naked Choir, a competition to find Britain’s best amateur acapella singers, is on Tuesday nights on BBC2


The producers of #Strictly Come Dancing commissioned Ray Burmiston to produce these glittering and glamourous images of the couples contesting this year’s competition.  But as we know it is hell out there in the world of ballroom, no quarter asked or given, and some have already fallen.  It’s back on again this weekend of course.  Who will be for the drop this time?

We don’t know but less of our money is on Ainsley and more on Jay  ex-out of The Wanted.  We would like to point out that the pictures above are in no particular order!




Nigella – one of those rare beings who are so famous they only need one name – teamed up once more with Jay Brooks to shoot a feature on ‘her life through food’  for The Guardian Weekend.

Subtitled ‘I eat, therefore I am’, the feature is timed to coincide with the launch of Ms Lawson’s new book ‘Simply Nigella: Feel Good Food’.  It, the feature not the book, charts the development of Nigella’s tastes from the discovery of the avocado in the 1970’s to the rediscovery of the pomegranate in the present.  Nigella, the food and the feature in general all look fabulous but the star of the show has to be the 1980’s beige leather jacket!  See above.

Stylist (clothes and props): Mika Handley.

Home economists: Anna Jones and Emily Ezekiel.

Stylist (food props): Wei Tang.

Hair and makeup: Tricia Woolston using Sisley Skincare, Charlotte Tilbury and Redken. Assistant: Nadia Atinbas


Strictly Come Dancing – yes there’s more – sets off on its incredible ‘journey’ this Friday with a new cast of sequined and lycra-ed contestants.  See above captured by Ray Burmiston in all their hyper coloured glory.

Shoot’s money, for what it’s worth, is on Ainsley Harriot!


Strictly Come Dancing is back!  And Ray Burmiston reprised his role as Darcey Bussell’s favourite photographer (it’s true she tweeted) and shot the new images of the judges and contestants for the 2015 season.  This is the first of the new crop to be seen, the judges, Darcey with Len Goodman, Craig Revel Horwood, and Bruno Tonioli, but expect more, many more, soon.

Strictly starts on 25th September on BBC One.



Jay Brooks and the cast of This Is England 90 suffered an acute attack of action painting for Shortlist magazine.  Thomas Turgoose, Vicky McClure and Joe Gilgun got splattered in a Pollack styled nod to the cover of the first Stone Roses album.  Why?  Because the series is set against the background of ‘Madchester’ and the rave scene so Stone Roses are, unsurprisingly, a big part of the soundtrack.

This is England 90 is the last installment in director Shane Meadows legendary saga of growing up working class in England in the 1980’s which began with the feature film set in 1983.  Although he never planned to make a TV series out of his most successful film, once he’d started doing so, he knew he wanted to get to the 90s. He had a vision of an opening shot of someone putting an ecstasy tablet on to someone else’s tongue.

‘Yeah that does happen.’ he told Miranda Sawyer in The Guardian. ‘There are four episodes in This Is England 90, and the summer episode is when the E thing kicks off. It’s not cool, though. At one point I thought, Yeah, I’ll hire 50,000 extras and get a proper rave going. But then I thought, No. In real life, the first time I went to a rave I got lost and ended up at a Pagan festival by mistake. And This Is England is like an antidote to cool, it’s like, this is what actually happened, and it was a bit wank.’

This Is England 90 airs on Sunday 13th September at 9pm.

Danny Boyle for DGA

Danny Boyle for DGA

Jay Brooks was commissioned by the Directors Guild of America’s Quarterly magazine to shoot Danny Boyle, the greatest British film maker of our time, for the cover of their Summer issue.

Boyle whose extraordinary list of achievements includes Trainspotting, Slumdog Millionaire and the opening of the 2012 London Olympics gave a typically down to earth but brilliant interview to coincide with the photoshoot, covering the whole of his career from the first film he ever saw to his up-coming bio-pic of the Apple co-founder Steve Jobs.

Read the full interview here.


Pip shot this crisp and classical portrait of Emily Berrington for Grazia.  Emily stars in Channel4‘s cult hit series Humans playing Niska, a ‘synth’ or super realistic robot.  The series takes place in a parallel present and as The Independent put it ‘It’s all a bit dystopian and Black Mirror-esque’ as the lines between Humans and robots blur.



Jay Brooks photographed Sir Ben Kingsley for Tatler‘s current issue.  Jay opted for a classical, painterly approach as befits a national treasure and grandee of both stage and screen like Sir Ben. However, he is both humble and self deprecating about his achievements even at this stage in his career saying ‘I still feel like an apprentice.’

A very private man, don’t expect him to take to Instagram any time soon, he is dismissive of social media in general, ‘because I broadcast myself so much as a performer, it’s important for me to get back to the private me. I am seen by a lot of people and that is my contribution. I don’t think my contribution is what I had for breakfast.’

Sir Ben can currently be seen being villainous in the movie Self/Less.








Ray Burmiston has been working with Discovery Channel and the actor Idris Elba on his new show Idris Elba : No Limits.  The show reveals that Idris, apart from being an acclaimed and accomplished actor is an unashamed petrol-head who often does his own car stunts and harbours a strong desire to enter the world of motor sport.

In each of the four episodes Idris tackles a different life threatening discipline: rally driving, aerobatics, drag racing and a land speed record attempt in a Bentley on a beach.  Throughout the series and in various locations Ray was tasked with recording and capturing moments as Idris took on the various challenges, ‘Armed,’ as Discovery put it,’ with no experience but an abundance of courage, grit and determination.’



Pip‘s shoot with the divinely named Ms Ophelia Lovibond features in the June issue of  Marie Claire.

Ophelia Lovibond – you just can’t write it often enough – can currently be seen on TV and cinema screens in the BBC sit com about the BBC, W1A , and in the new Simon Pegg movie Man Up.



Jay Brooks shot American satirist Jon Stewart for The Guardian.

Jon Stewart talked about his retirement from The Daily Show and his upcoming film Rosewater, the story of journalist Maziar Bahari’s brutal imprisonment in an Iranian gaol.

The American nation is in mourning Stewart’s departure from the The Daily Show, but he remains upbeat and excited to talk about the new film he has written and directed.

For the full interview head here

Rosewater is released the 8th May starring Gael Garcia, Kim Bodnia and Dimitri Leonidas 





The final of  The Voice UK  took place on Saturday and the winner’s single came out on Monday so each of the finalists had a single cover ready to go all shot by our Ray Burmiston.  Chosen by the public, the finalists were Stevie McCrorie, Lucy O’Byrne, Emmanuel Nwamadi and Sahsa Simon.

Three judges Tom Jones, Ricky Wilson and all had contestants in the final but not Rita Ora who was left ‘shame faced and devastated,’ that her first year on the panel ended without one of her acts in the grand finale.

The chosen track ‘Lost Stars’, was originally performed by The Voice US coach, Adam Levin, and the track was recently nominated for Best Original Song at the 2015 OSCARs where it was performed by the Maroon 5 front man to an American audience of over 36 million people. Proceeds from the single will go towards the BBC’s Performing Arts Fund, a BBC charity created to support and encourage the performing arts sector across the UK.

Stevie McCrorie walked away the winner and his shot by Ray was used on the cover of the winning single!

Visit The Voice UK official YouTube channel:


Jessie J photographed by Rebecca Miller Billboard Magazine features Jessie J by Rebecca Miller

Rebecca Miller recently shot these glamorous portraits of Brit Award winner Jessie J, just minutes before she took to the stage for a performance in London.

Jessie, who got her break with the 2010 single ‘Do It Like A Dude’, began her career as a songwriter for Sony/ATV Music Publishing, writing hits for artists like Chris Brown and Miley Cyrus. Her credits include Cyrus’ ‘Party In The USA’.

Rebecca’s images were featured in Billboard Magazine, who interviewed the singer days before the release of her third studio album, Sweet Talker.


Vivienne Westwood & Christina Hendricks by Rebecca MillerVivienne Westwood & Christina Hendricks by Rebecca MillerVivienne Westwood & Christina Hendricks by Rebecca MillerVivienne Westwood & Christina Hendricks by Rebecca Miller

Rebecca Miller was commissioned to shoot legendary British designer Dame Vivienne Westwood and her muse, actress Christina Hendricks, for The Hollywood Reporter’s ‘Designer A-List’ issue.  The shoot took place in Vivienne’s London workshop, where she created the pieces Christina was photographed in.

Of the dresses, Christina said “I enjoy this dress because I’m quite a woman of soft curves and I love these sharp little angles on me that contrast who I am.”

Rebecca previously shot a Vivienne Westwood dress for this couture fashion story.






Richard Attenborough 2000

‘I remember it as being one of the nicest photo shoots ever.  Richard Attenborough was a delightful man, he was concerned, warm, did everything we asked of him, told brilliant stories with casts of the ultra famous, charmed the pants off everyone concerned, called me darling and left after forty minutes in a haze of profuse apologies because he had to go to lunch.  I only met him once and not for long but it’s something I will always remember and be proud of.’  Paul Rider

Ray Burmiston shoots Doctor Who for BBC

Ray Burmiston‘s images of Peter Capaldi in his role as the 12th Doctor Who have travelled to every corner of the globe in the last few weeks.  And now, the day before the New Doctor lands, the excitement is going into overdrive! (Or maybe, underdrive? Check this out.)

These are the images released so far by the BBC, and there will be more to come from Ray’s shoot at the set (which we heard was amazing), with Peter and Jenna Coleman, who reprises her role as the doctors companion, Clara Oswald.

Doctor Who series 8 begins Saturday 23rd, 7.50 pm on BBC One.


The Inbetweeners by Pip for Shortlist Magazine   The Inbetweeners by Pip for Shortlist Magazine Pip for Shortlist Magazine Pip for Shortlist Magazine


No need to hang out for late night reruns, the Inbetweeners are BACK!  Following the huge box office success of their first movie, The Inbetweeners 2 will follow the boys on their Australian gap year, which they describe as “generally having a ball in a very British boys on holiday kind of way”.

To kick off the countdown to the release of their new movie, Shoot photographer Pip shot the group (in a rarely seen well-dressed state) for the cover of this week’s Shortlist Magazine.

The Inbetweeners 2 is out in cinemas on August 6th. Get ready, friends!

Lily Allen+Dolly Parton by Ray Burmiston


Glastonbury is upon us! And to celebrate the start of the festival, Ray Burmiston shot this great cover for Radio Times, featuring the legendary Dolly Parton and British pop superstar Lily Allen.

Ray managed to sneak in a quick shoot with the pair while Dolly was visiting The One Show recently.

Both will be taking to the Pyramid Stage during this week, Lily performing on Friday evening and Dolly taking the stage on Sunday afternoon.


She’s pretty excited:

Lily Allen+Dolly Parton by Ray Burmiston



Ray Burmiston - Piers Linney for Director




Ray was commissioned to shoot Dragon’s Den businessman and Secret Millionaire Piers Linney for the cover of Director magazine.

Linney is currently filming the next series of Dragon’s Den, and spoke to the magazine about Sir Richard Branson’s influence on his agreement to star on the show.

“He’s the only entrepreneur I truly admire. I went to Africa with him and we talked about life and business, sitting in his private game reserve in South Africa. I asked him whether he thought I should join the show. We went through the pros and cons, and finally he said ‘Screw it, just do it’. And I did.”

The new season of Dragon’s Den will begin next month on BBC Two.




Tom Sellers by Jay Brooks

Tom Sellers by Jay Brooks

A tasty collaboration. Our photographer Jay Brooks met chef Tom Sellers shooting the cover of Shortlist in 2013. Sellers was featured as part of the magazine’s ‘Brit List’ – an annual rundown of the most exciting new British talents.

Since then they have gone on to develop a collection of images capturing Tom in his element, at his Michelin star awarded restaurant Story.

Story received it’s star just five months after it’s opening. Sellers said he “was completely overwhelmed and humbled to receive a Michelin star.  Since opening Story in Bermondsey, my team and I have strived to cook the best food we can and it is truly an honour to be rewarded in this way.”

Tom Sellers was recently featured on Great British Menu and was awarded ‘Breakthrough Chef of the Year’ at the Food and Travel Awards. He’s a busy boy.

Jay is continuing to work with Tom on another exciting project but that’s for another ‘story’! Haha.


Jay Brooks recently shot the cover of the Daily Mail’s Weekend Magazine, featuring renowned actors Richard Wilson and Simon Callow.

Here are some of the outtakes!

Jay Brooks photographs Space Age stars Richard WIlson and Simon Callow Jay Brooks photographs Space Age stars Richard Wilson and Simon Callow

In their interview Callow and Wilson discuss Space Age, a futuristic story of pensioners sent into space to organise alternative living arrangements for mankind:

‘Set in a distant future in which earth is threatened by over-population, Space Age focuses on a radical solution, the sending of elderly volunteers – men and women who have no wish to live out their last years in nursing homes – to prepare new worlds for human settlement.’

Space Age will air on Sky Arts channel as part of it’s Playhouse Presents season.


Pip photographs Ophelia Lovibond - Mr Sloane

Pip's photographs for Matches Fashion Style Report

Pip recently photographed Mr Sloane star Ophelia Lovibond when she was interviewed for Matches Fashion’s Style Report.

In the story, Lovibond talks writer Ivy Storvik through her style rules and fashion influences, and the pain of not being able to keep her costumes, whilst Pip photographs her in these summery outfits styled by Ursula Lake, exhibiting what she calls a ‘personal style heavily influenced by the 1960’s, but I add modern touches through accessories’.  In April she shared her wardrobe with Vogue UK for the month in their ‘Today I’m Wearing’ photo blog.

Of her current role, the free spirited San Franciscan, Robin, she says; ‘we wanted her to be as colourful as possible, to accentuate that she is the polar opposite from Sloane, who’s always dressed in brown and grey’. Nick Frost stars as the slightly sad Mr Sloane, and BAFTA winner Olivia Colman as his estranged wife.

Mr Sloane airs on Sky Atlanic, Friday 9pm.

Rebecca Miller photographs the Ladies of London


The Ladies of London, stars of Bravo TV’s latest ‘Real Housewives‘ style reality series, were recently photographed by Rebecca Miller.

The Ladies are a mix of socialites, aristocrats and businesswomen, including reality regular Caprice Bourret and former model Annabelle Neilson.  The show has been described as ‘the biggest celebrity catfight ever caught on camera’.

Bravo TV says: ‘while these Brits and Americans all live in the same city, have been married to rock stars, dated royalty, are darlings of the paparazzi and enjoy wealth beyond belief, they are still culturally, worlds apart’

The excessively wealthy and enviably chic Ladies of London will grace screens in the UK this summer.



Del Boy (Sir David Jason) and Rodney (Nicholas Lyndhurst) are returning back to our screens for one time only with a very special guest in tow.

David Beckham will be joining Peckham’s favorite duo for an Only Fools and Horses TV special for Sport Relief, and our very own Ray Burmiston was commissioned by the charity to shoot the official press images.

Sport Relief will air on BBC1 Friday 21st March


Hold onto your hats! The Valleys is back for a 3rd series with more drunken antics, explicit raunchiness and even more nudity!

MTV enlisted the talents of our very own Ray Burmiston to shoot the cast for the show’s brand spanking new billboard.

With the first episode hitting our screens tonight, this series sees the Cardiff crew take their club night ‘Valleywood Nights’ around on a boozy tour of the UK, visiting the bright lights of Liverpool, Bristol and Dublin.

– The Valleys starts 25th February at 10pm on MTV


It’s been 3 years since Irish boy band Westlife announced their split, and since then Kian Egan has gone on to be crowned King of the Jungle  on “I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here!” 2013, and now 2014 sees the release of his debut solo album – Home.

Our very own Ray Burmiston shot the artwork, and we thought we’d share this great shot to wet your appetite!

Home will be released on 17th March 2014