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Scott Grummett is a photographer and director specialising in food & drink. His team has been at the forefront of the modern revolution in commercial food presentation, creating graphic and most importantly, delicious-looking stills & films for clients in the UK and internationally.

Scott was commended for his directing work as part of Weight Watchers’ Superbowl campaign in the USA, featuring Breaking Bad’s Aaron Paul. At home he is best known for his work establishing the look of London’s hamburger revolution with Honest Burgers.  A specialist in gluttony Scott has been called in to work with kings of chicken KFC and Nando’s for creative advertising and PR work in the UK.

Some of Scott’s first major commission’s were shooting Still Life for Wired Magazine. He blew things up, started fires, encased objects in ice, launched fireworks in the studio and fired guns into expensive props. It was organised chaos, this element still rings true in his work today – curating crumbs, drips and smears to make a dish look perfect but natural.  Looking thrown together is still the hardest part of the job to get right.


Warburtons, Lurpak, WCRS, KFC, Sainsburys, Nando’s, Honest Burgers, Weight Watchers, Asda, The St James Estate, The Town Hall Hotel, Sketch, The Soho House Group, Street Feast, Esquire, Wired, Men’s Health, Elephant Atta, Silver Island Retreats, One Leicester Street and Ubisoft.